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Nicholas Diack

Counselor & Tai Yi Practitioner

About Me

As a Counselor and Tai Yi Practitioner, Nicholas has over 10 years of experience addressing mental health and emotional well-being using holistic modalities.

Only 1 of 40 Tai Yi practitioners in the world his approach is unique, holistic and powerful.


  • BS in Psychology with a Minor in Integrative Therapies from MSU Denver (2013)
  • Unlicensed Psychotherapist in Colorado (2019) (NLC.0109721) 
  • Certified Life Energy Flow Tai Yi Practitioner (2012)
  • Licensed Massage Therapist (2017) (MT.0020281) 

Learn More About How I Can Assist You on Your Journey

Nick took me through a series of questions that lead me to my own self-discovery that is lasting even now, months after that deals with many of my daily relationships. Working with Nicholas has been great and I cannot wait for you to start working with him as well.

Monica M

Nick is masterful at what he does! A true healer. Tai yi is incredibly effective, inside of Nick’s care.

Hilary C

I traveled Cross Country Just to Work with Nick

Deb S

Nick does amazing intuitive work, both physical and energetic. He met me where I was the day of my session and really helped me feel better, right there and then. I highly recommend him!


I went to see Nick for his cord cutting treatment. I felt so many changes in both body and mind happening during the session, and it continued for me afterwards. It felt like a guided exploration into knowing myself. He also helped me identify some things I had not yet explored.
I highly recommend Nick! His work is gentle, calming, and effective.

Megan M

“I consider any one of my students with a level ability of 5.0 or above to be of excellent ability, and have the authorization of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing to set up their own practice as a certified Tai Yi practitioner.”

-Hossca Harrison

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