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Before a Tai Yi Treatment

No modality can ever heal you, only you can heal you. It is never the job of the practitioner to heal someone but to present what is needed for them to heal themselves. Therefore preparing for a treatment is a vastly important step in receiving one.

It’s important to learn from the treatment so that you don’t continue to repeat the past and so you can create a new future. Allow whatever is there to come up – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Before a treatment take time to prepare yourself to receive it. Create an internal commitment to honor the journey you’re going on because sometimes the road can be a little bumpy. And make sure to be kind to yourself on the journey as well. This includes celebrating yourself!


“Intent is the Building Block of the Outcome”

A simple question to ask yourself before a treatment: what is your intention?
Intent guides the healing process.
But be clear if its really your intention.

Ask yourself: Why do you want to heal this issue?
But also ask yourself: What do you get out of having this issue? What is the payoff?

Whenever a person heals something they must give something else up.
Sometimes we give up receiving sympathy and attention.
Sometimes we give up being accepted.
Sometimes we give up comfort.
Sometimes we give up excuses


Keep a level of focus on what the treatment does and why you are receiving it. It can simply be a desire to be happier, a desire to understand self more or a desire of how can I use my body in a way that feels good.

Healing is not all about getting away from pain. It is also about creating a beautiful life to enjoy. Treatments can sometimes be uncomfortable because they create something new.

Remember healing requires change, change often means stepping into something new or unknown

Another question to ponder is: are you seeking to heal this issue for yourself or for another? If you are attempting to heal something because of another person it simply won’t work. If you desire to be liked more or you are doing it for your partner or you feel obligated to another to heal you are not doing it for yourself and it becomes more about pleasing or getting the approval of someone else then about you on your journey.

A powerful way to start a treatment is to journal about whatever it is the treatment does. Ask yourself questions that you can use to explore the treatment. Then review your questions before the treatment and then after. This can help create depth of exploration.

Opposite Polarity

“When one takes a step towards the positive and equal and opposite polarity will present itself”

Our universe exists within duality: with every positive choice you make, with or without a Tai Yi treatment, you’re going to be presented with an opportunity, or you could call it a test, to stay where you are at in your life or to move towards the positive in your life.

A Tai Yi treatment often accelerates this process. Therefore pay attention to when the opposite polarity, or put another way, when a test to see if you want to heal presents itself. The key word is ‘presents’ meaning you aren’t going to get sucked into a negative energy vortex and are helpless to its effects but instead its simply seeing a possible negative opportunity that you can choose to engage with and stay where you were before the treatment or choose to not engage with it and grow with the treatment.

A great example of this can be working with healing anger – a person can receive a treatment for their anger and then they see someone do something that normally would set them off. They can either choose to engage with their old anger or just let it go and move past that old energy.

That is why preparing to receive a treatment can be so valuable because it allows for a deeper integration of a new way of being.

Now that you've explored what to do before a treatment. See what to do during a treatment.

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