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Nick took me through a series of questions that lead me to my own self-discovery that is lasting even now, months after that deals with many of my daily relationships. Working with Nicholas has been great and I cannot wait for you to start working with him as well.

Monica M

Nick is masterful at what he does! A true healer. Tai yi is incredibly effective, inside of Nick’s care.

Hilary C

I traveled Cross Country Just to Work with Nick

Deb S

Nick does amazing intuitive work, both physical and energetic. He met me where I was the day of my session and really helped me feel better, right there and then. I highly recommend him!


I went to see Nick for his cord cutting treatment. I felt so many changes in both body and mind happening during the session, and it continued for me afterwards. It felt like a guided exploration into knowing myself. He also helped me identify some things I had not yet explored.
I highly recommend Nick! His work is gentle, calming, and effective.

Megan M
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