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After a Tai Yi Treatment

Integrating the Treatment

Tai Yi treatment have an integration period of of 5-7 days after they are received.
Make sure to read the following information so you do not accidentally destroy the treatment and so you can create the deepest level of healing from it.

During The Day Of The Treatment​

Take Time To Integrate The Treatment

It is important to take time during the day you receive the treatment to integrate the treatment. It is helpful to be in nature or take a bath or do deep breathing that day. Doing something that is gentle and receiving. This allows for integration.

Avoid Jumping Back into Everything

It is best to avoid getting a treatment done for the sake of getting it done and then returning back to the ‘grind’. If you don’t allow integration then don’t expect a great degree of effect. Whether it is integrating the day you receive it or the week after – be with it.​

How to No Interfere with the Treatment

Avoid Pressure on Your Body

Tai Yi operates off a 1 pound grid pressure on the body.
What this means is it is best to avoid hard pressure and other work on the body 5-7 days after the treatment to not avoid disrupting the grid.

For 5-7 days after the treatment avoid

  • Hard pressure  
  • Body Work
    • Massage
    • Acupuncture
    • Chiropractic
  • Pedicures, Manicures
  • Hot tub jets or Water Jets
  • Physical exertion*
    • Strong Intimate contact ​
    • Hard Sports*
    • Hard Exercise*

*Physical activity is fine a couple days after the treatment. Yoga and movement are fine but hard contact sports or hard contact exercise should be avoided.

Areas of the body that receive a lot physical contact already such as the hands and feet are fine to continue putting pressure on as long as there is not a grid on that part of the body (ask the practitioner).
If you give body work or other activities with direct pressure – ask the practitioner about the treatment ahead of time.

Journal and Reflecting

Some treatments can feel like getting smacked with a log while others can be subtly but profoundly powerful over time. Take time to journal or reflect on what comes up and make new choices that align with what is coming up or what you are wanting to receiving from the treatment.

Try to Maintain Homeostasis

Treatments integrate better when you maintain homeostasis. Meaning if you normally drink coffee or bike or do yoga every day feel free to keep doing so. However if you don’t and you get the sudden urge for coffee it may be best to avoid it for the week after.

The point being if your body is accustom to certain things, as long as they are not harmful and don’t conflict with the treatment – such as the previous items, you can keep doing them. But if you decide to take up some new thing that takes a lot of exertion you may want to avoid it for the week after if it doesn’t relate to the treatment.

The main reason is about focusing your energy on what the treatment does and not on some other activity that would detract from it.

Eating the Week After

drink Water

Consuming healthy amounts of water is great for integration, assisting the body in moving toxins out – whether physical, mental, emotional – and is great for the emotional body. Healthy amounts means not inundating the body with more water than it needs or is used to but instead means consuming an increase in clean water throughout the day.

Keeping the body hydrated and increasing water intake is generally helpful during a treatment (but also just in general). Don’t overdo it and don’t consume it all at the same time but instead throughout the day is best.

Avoid Overdoing Alcohol

Use common sense with alcohol. Don’t over do it or use it as an escape. A drink might be fine but be honest with yourself about it.


Sugar – especially common white refined sugar – is often a negative energy meaning it literally pulls and depletes energy and is highly addictive. It is best avoided during a treatment (but also just in general).


Celebrate and Enjoy Your Work

Remember why you would want to heal and celebrate every step along the way.

Celebration integrates the activities of life. Why even get somewhere for the sake of doing so? Instead enjoy when you’ve climbed the mountain and have reached the summit, enjoy the feeling better or learning about yourself, enjoy the process even if it isn’t always pleasant – for if you don’t learn something from the process you have nothing but repeat it to get the lesson.

Therefore celebrate – allow the new to manifest in your reality and enjoy what you’ve created.

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