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Life Energy Flow Tai Yi

The words Tai Yi mean Supreme Movement which reflects the nature of this healing modality In practice it is a method of creating deep healing through the understanding of how energy works In application Tai Yi is a powerful
hands on healing modality.

What is Tai Yi?

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi originates in ancient China and reflects the power of the internal systems of the bodies. Encompassing not only the physical but the non-physical bodies as well.

What does Tai Yi mean for healing?

It means that all aspect of the individual can be worked upon. Every part of the human form has energy flowing through it. Therefore issues such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual disharmonies can all be worked with. One of the primary structures within the energy of the bodies are called meridians, also known as nadis in the ayurvedic tradition, or in modern physics what are described as strings in string theory. These are the pathways of design for the human form and can be worked with to create powerful levels of healing through realignment and removal of stagnation. These meridians travel in many different pathways within, throughout and even around the physical body. Each of them radiating energy in a similar fashion to how a guitar string radiates sound. These intricate pathways, and the frequencies they emit, give rise to the expression of each of the different bodies. Within each of these bodies at the different points where meridian pathways intersect there are circulating spheres of energy that act as control valves. These point are referred to as gates (in other traditions they are called chakras). These control gates allow for a balance and harmony within the different various systems. However when a gate is out balance it gives rise to a diminished flow in one meridian path and an over abundance in another. This imbalance leads to dis-ease. Because of the complexity of the human form there are many treatments within Tai Yi that work with the many issues that can arise with the disharmonies of the meridians and gates.

Various Treatments

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is composed of over 4,000 different treatments – each one healing a different aspect of life from physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. Each treatment has specific and precise techniques that create powerful and deep healing.

Each treatment has a wide range in what it can assist in healing. For example, one treatment can work with emotional issues from childhood, while another can can alleviate physical issues ones may have from their liver, stomach or intestines, while even still other treatments can assist in releasing anger, depression or anxiety. Each of these are simply a few example to show how robust and expansive Tai Yi is as a healing method.

Often times I will tell individuals if you can think of something you want to work on there is a Tai Yi treatment that can assist.

To learn more and get a better sense of each treatment check them out here.

Find Out How Tai Yi Works

To learn more about the intricacies of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi come look at the science and philosophy of it. Here the concepts of physics, universal principles, the nature of reality and the philosophy of healing are explored. As well as the examination of a quality life.

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