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Cord Removal Treatment

This treatment removes cords that are connected into your energy field often alleviating negative emotions, thoughts and influences.

Are You Corded?

This article goes into what cords are in order to help you better understand if you have a cord.

It also explores what a cord is, what the cord removal process is and how to keep cords off which is just as important as the cord removal process itself.

For information on Frequently Asked Questions about cords please also check out the Cords FAQ Page.

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Cording in Our World

Depending on the country and culture between 30-50% of individuals are corded. Despite how common they are this does not diminish how harmful they can be.

Individuals can have one cord or several cords and each cord can vary in strengths (in what are termed major and minor cords).

The Effects of a Cord

To start off ‘cord attachments’, or just ‘cords’, are negative energetic attachments that connect into your energy from another person often leading to negative influence in your thoughts, emotions and choices. The effects of the cord often depend on where the cord is connected, the intensity of the cord and how deeply it is connected into your energy as well as who the cord is from and why they are cording you.

Cords can often lead to increased negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, depression and/or frustration. They can also possibly pull you towards tendencies of self abuse, substance abuse, social abuse and, at its most extreme, suicide. Additionally they often create a strong pull towards addictions and addictive behaviors which can range from drugs, alcohol or even sugar as well as toxic sexuality, toxic people or self sabotaging habits.

Because cords are an attachment from another individual the effects of the cords are created by the agenda of the other individual. Also because of this Cords can often motivate you to make choices that are not in your best interest such as pushing away ones that want to love and support you or driving you towards people that don’t have your best interest at heart. This is largely because the energy may not fit in with the agenda of the individual doing the cording,

Understanding Cords

The vast majority of people who either have a cord or are cording another person are completely unaware of it. The actual process of cording is a byproduct of how energy works and how artificial lines of energy can be directed from one person into another person. Because of this lack of awareness around cording (and because their is a vast amount of misinformation on the topic) many individuals are effected by them but have no awareness of what is occurring simply that they thinking or feeling more negatively.

A cord in many ways is analogous to a person talking into your ear telling you what to do but also telling you how to feel or even potentially effecting your health physically or spiritually. Many people in this world have agendas to get what they want either out of jealousy, desires to satiate addiction, sexual desire or desires for control (to name a few). Regardless of the motivation a cord is how they attempt to create that influence.

A cord is also a 2 way street meaning energy can both flow from another individual into you but it can also flow out of you into another individual. This means cords can create both create influence on you – like outside energy flowing into you – and it can also feel draining – like energy being pulled out of you. That is why after a cord removal treatment clients will often report feel more energy.

The effects of a Cord are as if 2 radio stations are being played at the same time. The native radio station, meaning your native frequency, and the other radio station, meaning the foreign frequency, will often create conflicting frequencies. The result of this is often ones who are corded will feel like their energy is unstable and will often feel static-y. It would be akin to putting the wrong type of fuel into a car – the car will probably still drive but without its native fuel its going create issues. An individuals native energy is always and only appropriate to them but when put into another individual will always create conflicting frequencies.

Healthy Individuals Cannot Be Corded

Another factor to be aware of is that individuals with perfectly healthy mental, emotional and spiritual immune systems cannot be corded. It would be analogous to an individual with a cut on their skin is susceptible to infection but a person with perfectly healthy skin, with no cuts or bruises, will not susceptible. Simply because there is no point of entry past the skin. In the same way a healthy energetic field will naturally repel foreign energies.

Anatomy of a Cord

A cord can be seen as an anatomical structure similar to a tree with a main trunk – which we refer to as the ‘head of the cord’ – and a root system – which is sometimes referred to as tentacles or simply as ‘roots’.

Those who can see and/or feel energy will often times see a tube like structure that connects into a part of a person’s physical body. At the point where it enters the body it will branch out in several directions holding that main tube structure in place. The entry point of this tube is the “cord head” and the different directions in goes into the body are “the roots”. Cords remain in place at a specific location because the head is anchored by the root system.

These “roots” are the part of the cord which connect into the meridian system of the person’s bodies. Meridians are the bodies natural flowing channels of chi/energy. If you would like to learn more about meridians you can research them in acupuncture practices (although acupuncture does not include the meridian systems of bodies 2-12 but only the physical). Cords can have any where between 1 or 2 roots upwards to a half dozen or more.

By injecting themselves into the meridians the roots hi-jack how the meridians operate. That is why there is a tendency towards negative feelings emotions or thoughts. The same meridians without the roots injected into them could have been responsible for the healthy expression of mental or emotional energies (although it is not limited to mental and emotional meridians) but with the root systems within them they may express very toxic frequencies.

The effects of the cord is largely related to which body or bodies they are connected into. Bodies here referring to the physical body as well as the other energetic bodies: the mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric, astral and/or lower soul. If a cord is strongly anchored into the emotional body their will be a stronger tendency towards negative emotions or emotional stagnation. If it is with the mental body it will likely effect thoughts and though processes. Within the physical it will create physical issues. Within the astral body astral issues.

Cords can also be anchored into more than one body. The site of the cord is often tied to which body or bodies the cord is connected into and what the function of that part of that body is.

However since the different bodies are so interweaved with each other effecting one body will often create effects within all of the bodies to different varying degrees. Therefore a cord attached largely to emotional body will still likely create issues in all of the other bodies.

A cord does not simply connect into the surface of the skin but connects deeply into the body or bodies. Therefore it cannot simply be cutoff because the roots hold it in place. Instead the roots must first be retracted and the head pulled out (more akin to digging then cutting).

During a cord removal process the head of the cord is the main area of focus of the treatment. Each root is retracted towards the head and then pulled out. After this the root sites are sanitized and then refilled with energy akin to how an actual tree root would be removed – first identifying where the roots are located, then digging them out, clearing the pathways and refilling the dirt.

If a person is not educated in how cords work attempting to remove one can often cause the cord to hide in another part of the body. Additionally, they can go deeper giving the appearance that it has been removed while actually becoming stronger. The person attempting to remove the cord can even have a cord attach onto them after attempting to remove it from someone else.

A cord can only attach to a person if their exterior electromagnetic system (which is about as far from the body as the average person finger with outstretched arms) has holes in it. Then it can only attach at points of stagnation and weakness.

How Cords Work

A cord is a connection between an internal part of your energy field and an attaching energy from another person. This is often a person that wants control or influence over you.

Side Note: If someone attempts to cord another person and it does not penetrate past the skin or inner field it is simply considered an attachment and not a cord and has less strength in terms of influence. Regardless these should also be removed as they still create a degree of influence.

When a cord is attached it operate as a two way street.

  1. In one direction energy can be pushed into your system which can influence your thoughts and/or emotions depending on what part of you the cord is connected to.
  2. And in the opposite direction it can pull energy out of your system and feed on it. Usually this satiates whatever desire the person doing the cording has such as feeding an addiction or desiring control.

What Keeps a Cord in Place

A cord attaches to your energy through a key-lock mechanism. What this means is you MUST first have an area of stagnation for the cord to be able to connect to you allowing access to your energy. Like a key that fits a lock. Or put another way a frequency matching a frequency.

Additionally within that area of stagnation it must have a matching energy to the person cording you. A matching energy means if you have a stagnant energy that creates issues, such as anger or fear or feelings of insecurity (or any other possible energies of stagnation), then the cord can use that energy as a connection point. This is like how the ridges and valleys of the key fit in the pins of a lock (or put another way how a like frequency connects to a like frequency) and the key can then turn the lock.

Now this energy of connection could be an energy of anger, addiction or a toxic belief such as “I’m not good enough” (to name a few examples). Therefore the person doing the cording, and you, connect through this same energy like a key into a lock.

To put this another way this is how a person who doesn’t want to be responsible can be attached by someone who wants control. Or how a person with addiction to alcohol can cord onto an addict. Or an angry person can be corded by a person who enjoys anger. These are only a short list of possible reasons for a cord to attach – the list can go on and on in terms of reason.

Preventing a Cord: Healing the Point of Connection

Because cords attaches through like energy if you heal the issue that opened you up to the cord there will no longer be a location for the cord to attach to.

As an example let’s say a cord connects to someone’s energy of addiction. Let’s also say that energy largely builds up in their mid-back on the right side on a stagnant area within the emotional body (this is a completely made up location). When the person heals their addictive energy they release that stagnant area and the cord can no longer attach to it as the energy in that area becomes strong, healthy flowing energy once again.

Healthy energy naturally create strong energetic fields and strong energetic fields naturally preserve the person’s own energy and repel the energy of others. This is what healing creates: strong unique energy created by the individual.

The One Doing the Cording

The individuals who are cording others can either be in the physical or the non-physical meaning alive or dead. They can be cording others consciously or unconsciously meaning they are aware or not aware that they are influencing others. And those cording may not even have a full awareness of the individual they are cording but experience the effects it.

Ultimately the individual who is doing the cording wants something.  It can range from wanting to obtain a high from drugs, feeding off other’s anger, a desire for control, or to feed off other’s pain such as driving people to self abuse or anger or preventing them from changing and healing. Again this is a short list out of many possibilities.


It is important that when working on healing a cord, or healing in generally, that you DO NOT judge the issue or the person. Judgement is simply the process of pushing energy down. Often ones who experience judgement need to begin the process of forgiveness: Forgiving the other person, forgiving the Event as its own energy, and forgiving the self meaning to understand and take responsibility for allowing a cord.

The Corded

Individuals who have a cord will feel the influence of those who are cording them. Although they may not always recognize where it is coming from. They will experience thoughts, feelings or motivations towards what the person cording them is wanting. These may show up as a desire for drugs or a desire for control, which may actually feel like depression, or many other possible desires. Again these are just a few examples. Whatever the influence the individual will feel a drive away from their own best interest and will often make choices that are negative.

Cords have the ability to influence individual’s mind, emotions, physical health, sexual desires or desires in their life. They often occur as an individual being pulled towards negativity – whether that is emotional negativity, negative thoughts or negative physical activities.

Cords in Families

Often because families members carry the same belief systems and energy it is not uncommon for family members to cord other family members. Whether the family is alive or not. Although this is not always the case a controlling family member is not an uncommon source.

Keeping a Cord Off

Like what was said before – a cord cannot exist unless there is a like energy that matches what the cord was seeking. This means that healing the issue that attracted it to begin with can make the person immune to being corded in the same way again. Therefore it is important to explore what attracted it.

It is important to make new choices away from old patterns that the cord was creating after removing a cord. Take time to celebrate and do activities which support your heart and begin to feel more clearly what your own desires, emotions and thoughts are.

WARNING: Misinformation About Cord Removals

Sometimes the terminology of “cutting a cord” is using to described a cord removal, which is understandable since the cord connection is essentially being cut off, however the process would be more akin to cord digging or perhaps loosely to cord raking in terms of how energy works.

If you find an individual who is literally cutting a cord above or around the body be aware they do not know what they are doing! This would be akin to passing your hand through someone blowing smoke. The smoke will simply keep going after your hand has passed. The roots of the cord must be removed in order for it to be completely removed otherwise it will simply reattach.

If you find an individual who is invoking archangel Michael or a flaming sword to remove the cord simply know they do not know what they are doing!

If anyone states that cords are positive, natural or healthy and naturally occur in romantic relationships or family relationships just know this is completely inaccurate and they do not know what they are doing!
It is true that positive cords can and do exist however they are incredibly rare and are not created in romantic relationships. Additionally most individuals who can see and feel energy can rarely even identify positive cords because they often completely blend in with the person’s energy.

It is important to understand cords have an actual structure and form to them and they are not abstract concepts. For ones who can feel energy they can be felt. For ones who can see energy their form can be seen. They are similar to air which cannot be seen but the effects of which are felt.

Having a person believe they have had a cord removed when they have not can be incredibly harmful since they may believe the issue has gone away in reality it is still there.

Additional Information: FAQ’s About Cords

For those interested in learning even more about cord feel free to click here. Frequently Asked Questions about Cords.


If you feel you may have a cord or would like a cord removed and/or would simply like to learn more Schedule a Consultation Call.

If you want to keep exploring you can learn even more about cords and cord removal by visiting Hossca’s Blog.

​For those who do not have access to a Tai Yi practitioner to do a cord removal it is possible to release a cord with therapy however it is often easier to remove the cord and then examine the issues which attracted.

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