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This treatment removes alien implants and assists in the trauma accompanied by interactions with aliens whether being directly abducted or having witnessed.

Aliens who implant humans see the humans as an investment.  The implant acts as a tracker effecting the individuals emotions, mind and desires.  The implant also tracks the location of the individual at all times.

Most individuals with implants live with an intense amount of fear and they often don’t know why.  Psychologists are often unable to help.

Because of genetic traits of individuals if they were abducted it is almost a given that their family has had a history of abduction.

One of the ways that aliens will effect humans is through ‘politics’.  Not necessarily government politics, though possibly, but personal politics, religious politics, new age politics.  Meaning a wedge is created between different relationships in the individuals life. Not only is the individual effected but everyone in their life.
Politics often looks like making other wrong or bad.  A good example is often major news outlets.

Implants are most often placed by the alien race known as the Greys. Though there are several races that do abduct the Greys are by far the most common.

When receiving this treatment it is very important to educate and to understand the issues that my have been created by the abduction beyond any issues of ridicule.  Abduction is more common than most would believe.

For more information on abductions read the book Abduction by Harvard MD – John Mack.

Other Treatments
This replaces the older implant removal treatment.
Additionally works with trauma of abduction.

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