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Ancestor Ritual Pain

This treatment stops unexpressed genetic weakness from being expressed. Eliminating genetic diseases if they have not been expressed yet.

“We borrow from our Ancestors what we give to our Children”

If an individual has a genetic predisposition towards a particular disease this treatment will completely stop the expression of that disease as long as that disease has not already been expressed.  An example would be if an individual’s family has a genetic history of lung cancer and the individual has not begun to express any form of that cancer the individual will no longer express those genetic traits of lung cancer.  This could also be for any other genetic predispositions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, different cancer types and so forth.

This works if an issue is inherited but not manifested.  However if a genetic issue has begun to manifest you will have to seek a different treatment to work with that specific issue or disease. Additionally If you have manifested one genetic disease but not another this treatment will still work on preventing the expression of the other un-manifested diseases. As an example if your family has a history of baldness and heart disease and you’ve started to go bald this treatment will not be helpful for balding however it will prevent you from expressing your tendencies towards heart disease.

Individuals do not need to know what the unexpressed genetic issue is to have this treatment work.

Side Benefits

This treatment also resets your perception of pain to what pain your body is actually experiencing. This means that you will become more in alignment with how your body relates to pain and no longer perceive pain as being greater than it actually is based on your perception. An example would be someone who received a lot of attention when they hurt themselves will tend to be more sensitive to pain because they associate it with the reward of attention from a parent.

This treatment also assists in turning off the odor that genetic weaknesses give off. Genetic weaknesses in fact express an odor that is often used in the animal kingdom by the weakest animals. Because of this it assists children in no longer attracting bullies that are often attracted by the odor.

DNA Expression

This treatment works with the DNA of the physical and emotional body. Genetic weaknesses will manifest in the emotional body then the physical. This treatment puts an energy around the emotional DNA and through this begins working with the physical DNA. The meridians of the other bodies will also begin working with the body and healing the DNA.

Who This Treatment Does Not Work On

If you have an investment in a disease this treatment will be in conflict with that investment. An example is if someone in your family received a lot of attention when they were ill or possibly they were able to get people to do what they wanted because they were ill and you created an investment in that idea and therefore an attachment to have an illness because of what it gets you.

If you are also into the ‘Blame Game’, where you always look for something outside of yourself to be responsible for their life, this treatment will not work well for you.

If there is an investment or a blame game counseling is important to address these issue and work through them. Additionally, counseling on the fear of diseases is important as well. 
To book a counseling session to address these issues click Here.


Along with turning off all unexpressed genetic diseases this treatment prevents you from passing down genetic issues to your children.

Therefore this treatment is of great benefit for those planning on having children.  If both the biological mother and father receive this treatment the child will not inherit any negative genetic predispositions.


Often times children will bully other children because they will literally smell genetic weaknesses within the children.  This trait is often seen in nature when predators attack their prey: they will seek out the weakest prey often aided by the smell given off by the weakest animal genetically.
This treatment stops the expression of genetic weaknesses and therefore stops the odor of the genetic weakness.  As a result bullies will often no longer be attracted to bullying these children because they will literally stop smelling the weakness they express genetically.

Ancestor Ritual Pain vs Perception of Pain

Ancestor Ritual Pain replaces the older Perception of Pain Treatment. Perception of Pain reset the individuals perception of pain and their actual pain to be the same.  Making the pain tolerance levels of individual back to what is ‘normal’ for that individual which can be altered by how the parents reacted to the child’s pain or how child observed family members experience pain or disease.

Other Treatments

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Treatment Parts & Timing

2 Part Treatment – 2-72 hours apart
When booking book 2 sessions this far apart.

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