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Abort Chi

This treatment helps to heal the emotional body after a miscarriage or abortion.

When one has an abortion and/or miscarriage, either natural or artificial, there is a disturbance to the emotional body which creates a rapid collapse within the area of the emotional body that was supporting the fetus. Creating a type of implosion which leads to the rapid collapse of meridians and thus a collapse of part of the emotional body.

To put simply the emotional state of a woman after the loss of a fetus often becomes weakened which can create issues throughout her life. This issue is not based on any morality of right or wrong but on how the emotional connection is developed between a mother and a developing fetus.

The Effects of an Abortion/Miscarriage

On the emotional level if the woman had a strong attachment to being a mother the loss of the fetus can create a collapse within the emotional body interfering with her ability to bond and creating a lack of connecting with others as well as creating a strong fear of loss.

On the physical level disturbances may surface such as increased PMS, disease within the sexual organs, difficulty with menstruation, and/or difficulty in bonding immediately with newborn babies that she may give birth to later in life.

Different circumstances can affect women differently but the intensity of negative physical and emotional symptoms and injury is generally tied to these 3 factors.

  1.    The strength of the connection between the mother and the incoming soul
  2.    The emotional health of the mother prior to the miscarriage/abortion
  3.    How far along she as in her pregnancy (The farther along usually the stronger the effects)

The injury to the emotional body is not time-sensitive meaning a miscarriage/abortion at any point in life can still be causing issues later in life.

When to do this treamtent

The woman needs to have processed the trauma and not still be within it and they also must be at a point where they can focus on themself and not on the loss.

She needs to move beyond any guilt if it is present from religious or social judgment. Although there can be many emotions and judgments from outside individuals and groups it is not their journey nor do they have the right to tell a woman how she should or shouldn’t feel. When doing this treatment it is important for the woman to move past outside influences and to just focus on herself and her healing.

If the grief of a miscarriage or abortion is still present it is important to work on that first to the point of feeling stable again then it is appropriate to do this treatment.


The Morality of Abortion

Having an abortion or experiencing a miscarriage is never to be perceived as someone is bad or wrong and is based on the situation and circumstances the woman or girl is experiencing at that time. This treatment is about healing the emotional injury that it caused and does not carry any morality with it.

For women who have experienced a miscarriage one thing to keep in mind from a soul level perspective is that fetus may have not been the appropriate body for that soul at that time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it had to do with the mother making a mistake or “doing something wrong” but simply could be an issue of timing or an issue with the body not being appropriate. Such as the body is a different gender than what was desired by the soul or it could have a genetic issue that could manifest either early or later in life the soul did not desire to experience.

Other Treatments

The Guilt of Love – To work on issues related to guilt around a miscarriage or abortion.

Sea Wave – To help balance the emotional body.

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