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This treatment helps to distinguish between love and guilt which is the greatest inhibitor of love. This works on an emotional level and allows you to see and feel the difference to no longer empower the energy of guilt

Guilt is like taking a beautiful rose and instead of placing it in nice cool water it is like putting it in boiling water.

What this treatment does

This treatment brings to the surface guilt for ones to recognize what it is based on, whether or not ones are actually ‘guilty’ of the actions they are experiencing guilt with. Once the energy floods the areas of stagnation it will bring up the feelings of guilt. This treatment will assist in identifying where and with what these feeling are coming from.

Once the origin of guilt is known you create the space to resolve them and make amens with others in your life.

Carrying Guilt

What one judges the most they carry the most amount of guilt with.

If a person has unresolved guilt that has been created at any point it is still effecting them in every moment regardless if the mind consciously recognizes it. Meaning the guilt is always present although it may not be fully recognized in their conscious mind.

This treatment brings up the guilt individuals are already carrying to be worked with. And it takes it to the core issues of the guilt.

This treatment will work through layers and potentially bring up multiple pieces. It will work with whatever pieces one is able to handle at that time..

Other Lifetimes

Works with guilt from this or other life times. Therefore guilt may come up from what has occurred in other life times and potentially with others who have also incarnated into this life time with us. An example may be killing a mate or family member and having unresolved feelings and issues because of it in this lifetime.

Wonderful to resolve guilt from past lives by recognizing it in this one.  Can also explain why guilt is involved in current relationships.

Guilt vs Shame

Guilt is an emotional manifestation whereas shame is a mental program based on guilt. Shame is a manifestation of guilt.


This treatment brings to the surface the energy of guilt in the body it is important to make amens and resolve what the guilt is based on.

Listen to Jonah’s message The Shame Syndrome and use the Oil technique to pull out the stagnate energy of guilt and shame.

Other Treatments

May work well with Healing the Bastard and Love Transformation.

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