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This treatment works with assisting one to know self, meaning the inner self as to the clarity of messages ones receive. Is the message from the inner self or from thought projections or from a programmed part of self?

Gut Feelings

Gut feelings are often used to justify different actions, decisions and choices ones make but it is important to question what gut feelings are based on.

Are your gut feelings accurate or are they something that you’ve become emotionally attached to? Emotionally attached to because of a lie? Emotionally attached to because of an investment to a particular idea or outcome?

The gut is often referred to as the 2nd brain. Ones have to ask is your 2nd brain polluted? With toxic foods, pesticides, gmo’s, inflammatory foods? Is the connection between your 1st brain and gut polluted? Then would your gut feeling not be polluted as well?

Often times ones can find that they have issues they need to work on within themselves but then they respond with my gut feeling is telling me its not that big of an issue – often what they are really saying is that they don’t need to change and that they can be comfort without the change. People can have many different programs and personality running the show. The number one question to ask is “am I actually running away”? Running away from anything but primarily running away from self?”

These are things to take into consideration when coming to know self and to know where you are making your decisions from especially when making decision from a gut feeling.

Thought Projections

Thought projections are created when one projects a thought towards a person. This can either be a negative or positive thought that can create an effect on the other person. Often ones will interpret thought projections as thoughts that they themselves are having when in fact it is from another person.

Now one with a strong ability to feel can often differentiate if a thought they are experiencing is internally created or if it something created externally projected onto them simply through feeling the thought they are experiencing. Without feeling the mind has a very difficult time differentiating between what is itself and what is not itself.

This treatment assists with differentiating what is self and what is another’s thoughts being projected onto you.

Programmed Beliefs

Usually the most destructive programs are the ones that people will defend the most aggressively. When people have a programmed thought about their inner self, their perception of self and its based on spiritually immature beliefs they will often think it is a very mature belief.

People often think that because it feels good or is socially acceptable that it is true and it will be something that they adamantly defend.

When receiving this treatment ones may experience a flood of picture come into their mind or a flood of sensation connected to those pictures. This can be a release of old programs, old picture and/or old thoughts.

This treatment assists with coming to an awareness of what is a programmed belief of self and what is true.

Testing Your Inner Clarity

A tool that can be used with this treatment:
Become aware of how you feel and the sensations in your body. Then tell yourself an obvious truth. Maybe my name is “Whatever” or I am “number” years old or an accurate physical trait such as you hair color, etc. Pay attention to the feelings and sensations that you experience. Then tell yourself an obvious lie such as the wrong name or age and observe the sensations and feelings you experience.

Test the feelings your experience of both truth and lies and begin to create a barometer for the sensations and awareness of when you are lying to yourself and when you are telling yourself the truth.

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