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The Door of Light (2 Parts)

The door of light is a treatment that opens the door of light internally allowing ones to explore their personality, their life, their power and their abilities. This is a beneficial treatment for any person who feels shut down or closed off.

This is a 2 Part Treatment – Both parts are spaced 1-48 hours apart.
Ideal timing is the 1st part at the beginning of the day and 2nd at the end of the day.

Meaning of the Name: The Door of Light

In the context of this treatment light is interchangeable with awareness.
Awareness is light, light is awareness.

This treatment could also be seen as the The Door of Awareness.

What this treatment Does

It begins bringing awareness of who and what you are. When the human consciousness understands the illusion is when the human consciousness know who and what it is.

So who are you?
Are you the sum total of ancestors? Yes.
But you are also a unique soul within this ancestral form.
And you also have a mind – A higher mind and a lower mind – and your mind has the ability to determine what ancestral traits you will express and the life that you want to live.

This treatment assist ones to find an awareness of who they are: The authentic self – not just the injured self where your injury has created a coating around that awareness. This treatment is about ones becoming themselves and who they really are.

Reliving the Events of Childhood

Part of what often dims the inner light is injuries which are created in childhood. This treatment helps to see the light and inner awareness past that.

Ones so often relate to their childhood, whether conscious or unconsciously, as if it is real and occurring now. They make choices based on events within the first 18 years of their life and live out the cycle of pain for years and sometimes decades without learning or growing or making new choices out of the patterns of this part of there life.

If you step back and examine this some people will relive the issues of an event that occurred at the age of 10 for 10, 20, 30 years or more. Experiencing the issues of the events in the first 10 years for even longer than just the 10 years itself.

Questions to Explore with this Treatment

Do you still carry pain from what you experienced as a child?
If you do, and you have not healed it, then that pain is still making choices for you.
You can ask are you reliving that pain every day without even realizing it?
Do you experience the same reality over and over again?

When you hold onto that pain it holds onto those choices therefore it is not your life you are living. It is not your light you are expressing. You are taking that on from something or someone else from your childhood.

Did you choose the job you are in based on the pain of your childhood or from your parents telling you what to do?
Have you had many failed relationships because of your childhood issues?
Are you living an addiction or a depression because of your childhood pain?

You can ask the question did your parents continue to experience the pain of their first 18 years of life throughout their life?
And did your parents parents?
And their parents?
How many generations have not healed their childhood?
And is the pain of childhood a generation issue?

When you enter a relationship do you bring the pain from your childhood into the relationship?
And do they bring theirs and do the both of you exchange that pain back and forth?
Do you take what occurs with them personally? And does the relationship become a blame game?
Or do you learn from them? Do you become aware that you are both expressing pain from your childhood and simply grow from it?

Perhaps you can state my father did not love me, my mother was mean, my sibling was more loved. But is it not time to let go and begin living your life. Is it not time to begin healing that pain and begin making choices for yourself as an independent being and begin recognizing your own inner light?

Handling Change

If you receive this treatment and you begin feeling an inner awareness of your inner light and you begin to grow past the pain of your childhood you must be aware that as you change your environment changes and not always for the better.

If a couple is in a relationship and both of them are addicted to alcohol and one of them begins healing their addiction more often then not the other partner will try to pull them back into that addiction. But this doesn’t just apply to addiction or alcohol this applies to many issues and many different relationships.

Healing sometimes means not fitting into the old way that you used to be. If you begin experiencing an inner light it may mean ones that are not experiencing their inner light will want to pull you back. This does not mean judge them or even run away but simply that you may be tested if you begin healing.

Treatment Parts & Timing

This is a 2 Part Treatment – Both parts are spaced 1-48 hours apart.
Ideal timing is the 1st part at the beginning of the day and 2nd at the end of the day.

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