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This treatment opens channels in the brain to remember a time when you were full of innocence, meaning before the energies of guilt, shame and fear took over.

What This Treatment Does

This treatment brings ones back into a state of innocence and allows them to see at what point they stopped experiencing this state.

This treatment is temporary. Based on the intensity of lies and programs within the individual determines the length it will last. It can last 1-2 weeks up to 3-4 weeks. Regardless the intention of this treatment is to gain the perspective of what changed and what needs to change. It can also be done more than once to bring ones back to this state.

When someone receives this treatment it is for them to experience what it was like to be innocent again and to use the insights they have of how they lost this state of innocence to begin healing.

Other Treatments

The Age of Innocence, Peaceful Brain and Sealing the Wound of Self Deception All Complement each other.

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