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This is for those who carry addiction to sugar, self deception, and addiction to deflecting assistance.

One could have an addiction to sugar but it manifests differently. For example many will say “This does not resonate with me.” When they are actually saying is “it does not resonate with my beliefs.” This a form of denial.

Refined sugar is highly addictive and toxic and it reflects addiction to abusing sweetness in life.

Sugar addiction is not simply addiction to a substance but also an addiction to denying help from others as well as deceiving self.

What You May Experience During This Treatment​

Those receiving this treatment may experience flashbacks in order to look at the doubt they have created in themselves. This doubt will surface in the form of “can I ever achieve what I want to achieve?” The person will move into self-acceptance state after part 3.

For more information about the physiological effects of sugar check out the video below.

Other Treatments

For one looking for a full body detox Detox Life many be a better choice.

Treatment Timing

This treatment is 3 parts. Each part needs to be completed in 5-7 days apart and it needs to be a consistent timing between 1 and 2 and 2 and 3.

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