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Stress of Death (2 Parts)

This treatment heals the Symptoms of PTSD.

PTSD is common for people that have experienced traumatizing events such as sexual abuse, violence or war. However many people may have PTSD without even being aware of it or being aware of the event which caused it.

Many do not connect an event with the experience of symptoms. An example could be traumatizing your physical body after a car accident even though you may have come out of the accident unscathed.

Explore the symptoms below to see if you experience PTSD.

​While everyone experiences PTSD differently, there are three main types of symptoms

  1. Re-experiencing the traumatic event
  2. Avoiding reminders of the trauma
  3. Increased anxiety and emotional arousal

1) Re-experiencing the traumatic event

  • Flashbacks (acting or feeling like the event is happening again)
  • Nightmares (either of the event or of other frightening things)
  • Feelings of intense distress when reminded of the trauma
  • Intense physical reactions to reminders of the event (e.g. pounding heart, rapid breathing, nausea, muscle tension, sweating)

2) Avoidance and Numbing

  • Avoiding activities, places, thoughts, or feelings that remind you of the trauma
  • Inability to remember important aspects of the trauma
  • Loss of interest in activities and life in general
  • Feeling detached from others and emotionally numb
  • Sense of a limited future (you don’t expect to live a normal life span, get married, have a career)

3) Increased anxiety and emotional arousal

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • Irritability or outbursts of anger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Hypervigilance (on constant “red alert”)
  • Feeling jumpy and easily startled

What This Exercise Does?

To treat PTSD symptoms this treatment works in 2 parts:

Part 1) Reestablishes pictures in the brain (the images the brain and mind communicate with) and it helps reestablish links of communication in brain with emotional body.
Part 2) Begins clearing stagnation from the meridians within the brain creating a clearer connection with the higher mind so that more clear pictures, understanding and focus are created.

Other Contributors to PTSD

Before this treatment CordsLinks and Implants need to be removed.

PTSD can be enhanced by Leaky Gut (but it does not cause it).
Treatments that assist Leaky Gut are Sanitizing the Brain for the Blood Brain Barrier and The Dirty Brain for the brain gut connection.

Other Treatments

Depending on how severe the trauma is this may need to be done 2x-3x times.  However it will not likely be more than that.
Brain Stress is a good treatment to do after if physical stress is still present.

Parts & Timing

2 Parts – 24-48 apart

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