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Stress Gene Syndrome

This treatment works with inherited and over expressed stress genes within the physical body leading to an overactive stress response by balancing their energy and expression. Wonderful for ones with Tourette’s Syndrome.

What are Stress Genes?

Stress genes are the genetic expression for stress within the physical body. Individuals can have small amounts or large amounts of stress genes. That does not necessarily mean they experience a large amount of stress instead it is about the expression of the genes.

The more stress genes one has the more they need to do counterbalance and do stress reduction activities: being in nature, getting away from things, getting a massage, etc.

The Effects of Overactive Stress Genes

Excess stress puts pressure on the adrenals, kidneys, pancreas, intestines, heart and liver in that order.

Stress usually overtaxes the adrenals and is a vector for endocrine disorder.

Who Needs this Treatment

High stress individuals. A common sign to look for are those who have a tendency of being easily shocked.

What This Treatment Does

This treatment does not reduce the amount of stress genes one carries but instead it helps the rest of the body work and flow with the rest of the body especially the adrenals.

To have excess stress genes is not a defect but a properties of human development.

What ones will feel after this treatment

  1. Will feel more relaxed
  2. Head will feel lighter
  3. They will feel more physical sensations in the feet.
  4. Some will have a tendency to break out in laughter because they are so used to stress that it turns to anger. The reverse is breaking out in laughter and often at the most inappropriate times. An Example My husband left me and I break out in laughter.

Relationships and the Stress Genes

A balanced relationship will often have an individual with low stress genes and another with high stress genes.

A relationship with two high stress genes individuals can be overly intense and increase stress and is a recipe for disaster. A relationship with two low stress individuals can be under motivated and lazy. Therefore a balance is created with having both. One person as a motivator and the other a grounding rod.

Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s Syndrome often co-exists with OCD, ADD and ADHD. Tourette syndrome is a complex brain disorder characterized by repetitive, sudden, and involuntary movements or noises called tics. It is not a mental illness; it is a neurodevelopmental syndrome. Due to many people being educated by Hollywood, another misconception about TS is uncontrollable swearing, which is not a common symptom as often-portrayed in movies. This condition is called Coprolalia. A person can experience Coprolalia and not have TS.

TS does not affect one’s intelligence, in fact, many people diagnosed with TS are of higher intelligence, but because of social judgment, especially in school a child with TS has difficulty expressing their intelligence.  It is often believed that TS only affect ones with lower intelligence because the child does not fit into the group consciousness.

This information was directly pulled from my teacher, Hossca Harrison’s, article on this subject. To read the full article Click Here.

Tourette’s Syndrome is an automatic reflex to stress involving stress genes inherited genetically within the body. These stress genes may not express themselves strongly in every individual but in certain individuals the combination of genetics and a stressful upbringing and/or environment can lead to a strong expression of Tourette’s Syndrome.

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