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Assists in bringing into awareness an individuals internal DNA frequency and what that means to them.  They may also pick up, when treatment is being done, certain caution areas that they need to be aware. Perhaps pay close attention to the lungs, intestine, brain. Is there a particular food one needs to be eating to support that part of them?

For Ones at the Hidden in Plain Sight Intensive

Brings conscious awareness into DNA for ones at that attended the February 2015 Intensive “Hidden in Plain Sight” and were given a number to work with.

Flashes of Light

Often individuals will see flashes of light.  This is increasing for most people.  This treatment will assist not so much in seeing flashes of light but interpreting the experience because it is not out there but in the brain.

Experiencing tbe Treatment

The person, as they focus on that number, it is to focus on what they hear internally as it is being done.  Listen for what could be the brain speaking in English to you, a feeling, a smell.

As focusing on number the individual might want to focus on what areas one should be cautious of in life. Caution in terms in what is the most appropriate for one to care for their bodies.

Be open to anything and everything.

DNA and the Treatment

Jonah has spoken of the 12 different DNA’s of the 12 different species.  All individuals have a mix of these DNA’s.  In actuality there is no pure race. However one race’s DNA will be more predominant in strength than the others.  What is important to know is what is best to care for the body, in terms of food, hydration, environment, location.

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