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Balancing the Internal (5 Part)

This 5 part treatment works to balance and harmonize the internal organs. Each exercise encourages balances depending on the imbalance and builds on itself.

Who Would Benefit

Best for Children and Elderly.
Those with symptoms of sluggishness, chronic sinus difficulty, difficulty digesting protein, lack of energy when they wake up.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Works well with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  If individuals wake up at a certain time of night or morning they can use the TCM clock chart to identify which organ maybe effected.


This treatment will give a boost in how organs collect and store energy or move and transform energy. In which ever organ is more depleted.
An Example for Collect and Store: How the kidneys collect water, lunges collect oxygen, liver clean contaminants

Works with smoothing the digestive symptoms as well as with Leaky Gut (Large and Small intestines, Stomach/Spleen).

Individual receiving this treatment will be out of breathe less and have less tension in head which is a good sign of progress after treatment.


There is a tendency for people to have anger come up simply because of readjusting frequency of organ readjusts energy and often anger is stored in liver. Chronic stress tends to have energy collect in gallbladder.

The 5 Parts

Part 1 – Small Intestine/Heart

Small Intestine/ Heart assists with the synchronization of the electrical impulses in the heart with the movement of energy in the small intestine and stomach. Harmony between the heart and the small intestine is essential for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. This treatment is beneficial for individuals with Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Part 2 – Gallbladder/Liver

Part 3 – Stomach/Spleen

Spleen assists to create cleaner blood in body. Stomach assists in breaking down food. If individual tends to carry to much acidity in stomach or esophagus will assist. Will assist in break down, collect and store nutrients. Although one big reason is that the don’t chew.

Part 4 – Large Intestine/ Lung

Large Intestine/ Lung balances the exchange of energy between the large intestine and the lungs. This treatment is particularly effective on individuals who carry the energy of grief. When the exchange of energy between the lungs and the large intestine is imbalanced the lungs have a tendency hold more energy than the intestines. This is a suitable environment for infections in the lungs. This treatment is beneficial for individuals with Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Part 5 – Bladder/Kidney

Bladder issues tend to start in early childhood. If they have a lot of fear they will hold in urine to long and cause muscle around bladder to weaken. Generally kidney stones sign gallbladder and Liver are out of balance. Can assist with kidney pain and slight degree in certain individuals frequent urination (but depends on what energy is creating it)

Parts & Timing

5 Part Series – Can be done as soon as 3 days apart however 1 week is optimal, no longer then 2 weeks apart.  Keep the time sequence the same as much as possible.

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