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Bamboo Roots

This treatment assists ones in being grounded, present and focused in their higher purpose. This allows ones to be more focused from their higher bodies which gives a greater sense of purpose while also grounding them into their body.

This assists one in what is a priority to them and what is most beneficial for them to focus their time on.

The Higher Body

The Higher Body is passive and therefore will never force or push anything onto the lower bodies it instead gives opportunities and motivation to activities which serve the individual’s purpose.

What this means is that individuals always have the choice to empower whatever it is they want whether it serves them or not and that the higher self will assist but never control or push.

Grounding vs Presence

This treatment assists in being present to their purpose even more than being grounded.

Individuals are always grounded in something whether it is their physical body, in thought or in an activity.

Children can often spend hours playing games yet have difficulty in school. In both cases they are grounded in something whether or not they are present for what is going on in front of them.  Therefore it is important to recognize what we are present for.

Other Treatments

Fire of the Brain may be helpful before this treatment to align the brain with the mind and then treatment to align the brain with the higher mind.

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