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This exercise resets the firing of the brain to allow it to properly process information from the mind. When the firing mechanism is out of sync it is like two different languages being spoken by the mind and the brain. This brings the two back into sync and harmonizes communication.

Its secondary purpose is to assist the neurotransmitters.

The Mind is a Transformer

The Mind acts as a transformer between two frequencies: the brain and mental body. It takes messages from the mental body to the brain and from the brain to the mental body. Transforming them into coherent message between the two.

This treatment synchronizes the mind so that the messages being communicated are now clear. Because of this it also assists in connecting with the higher mind.

The brain has a certain rhythm with its brain waves.  This treatment will allow for more fluid transition between states.

Treatment Benefits

Helpful for ones with brain injuries, concussions, strokes, former drug use, long term depression, anger, stress, child abuse and for those who are out of their body too much. Helpful for memories and false memories and for ones who have abused their brain.  This can assist with Autism.

Can potentially assist schizophrenia but depends on if it was based on brain injury.

Not to Be Done on
Children because their brain is still developing.

Other Treatments
Fire of the Brain is good before Brain Stress and Brain Fog

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