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Frequently Asked Question about Cords

Common questions about Cords

Why do I have a cord?

You have a weak point in your energetic field. This is similar to a screen door that has a hole in it. In that weak point, you share a common energy with the person(s) attaching to you. This common energy, or energies, can be anger, fear, addiction, a desire to control/not be responsible or one of many other possible things. Your weak point and the cord are like two magnets that connect.

The person cording you seeks that energy and feeds from it. This common energy keeps the cord or cords in place. Healing this dissipates the possibility of having a cord. Remaining unhealed keeps your vulnerable to being attached to. Similar to how if you have a hole in a screen door it will always potentially allow bugs in.

What are the effects of having a cord?

The cord will often seek to remain in place. It will often influence the person who is corded to make choices that feed the energy that the cord feeds on. When this happens individuals who have cords often feel many negative emotions or feelings or crave unhealthy things (whether substances or addictions) or have negative thoughts. They will also often push away others that might assist them and may attract negative individuals.

How do I get rid of a cord?

Working through and taking responsibility for the issue that attracted the cord can allow you to heal the weak point the cord is attached to it. This means becoming aware of what this issues which allowed it to attach which often takes an internal exploration and soul searching.

A more rapid method to remove cords is the use of Life Energy Flow Tai Yi and the treatment Cord Removal. Although this removes the cord this does not necessarily permanently keep it removed. Healing the weak point where it connected does. Although after a cord removal it often becomes easier to begin making new healthier choices and to begin healing the issue which attracted the cord. Often it can feel very difficult, though not impossible, to work on these core issues when it is still in place.

Can I have more than one cord?

Yes, you can several cords. It is not uncommon for individuals to have 2, 3, or more. With each of these cords attached to a different point of stagnation.

Addtionally, different cords in different locations can have different effects on you, your thoughts, emotions, addictions and health.

During a cord removal using the life energy flow tai yi approach each cord is identified and removed individually until all of them are gone.

How Do I Preventing Getting Corded Again?

Healing the common energy that you shared with the cord. This can take some self examination. Here are a few areas to examine and explore:

Addictions and addictive energy
Your anger whether passive or active
Your deep fears and beliefs such as:
Not being good enough
Not being worthy
Not being lovable
Do you have a desire to not take responsibility or allowing others to control you?

Each cord attachment and its connecting issue is unique to each individual (unfortunately there is not a ‘one size fits all’ answer for everyone).
Working with a Tai Yi practitioner can be helpful in your search to begin healing this issue that attracted the cord to begin with. There are also many treatments after a cord removal that can can create clarity or can assist in healing issues directly.

After a cord is removed pay attention to what changes – often the biggest changes will give hints to what you were connected to. An example of this is feeling an addiction alleviate or feeling less angry.

Also knowing the location of cord can be a hint to what the weak point is. A cord around the heart often relates to issues with love and connection, a cord below the shoulder blades often relates to receiving emotions, around the sacral plexus (below the navel) is often related to sexual imbalances or shame, around the solar plexus is often related to self empowerment, the throat can be related to power in communication, the brain can have a whole host of reasons but often relates to more mental connections or issues.

These are all things that can get you in the ball park of the issue. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily accurate since the meridian systems can be immensely complex – to give an example the energy of your lunges connects to your thumb and that’s just the physical meridian and not the mental or emotional meridians.

What is a Cord not?

A cord is not a thing that connects people positively. It is a negative attachment that often effects people’s quality of life on an ongoing basis.

A cord is not something that can be taken off by just cutting it. The root of the cord need to be retracted and the head pulled out.

A cord is not the residue of a past relationship. It can be from a person that you were in a relationship with but it is not the attachment you had to that relationship – that is a very different thing.

How does a cord work?

It connects much like how a tree root connects into the ground. The cord ‘head’ attaches at the surface of the skin and branches out into many roots. These roots travel down the meridians in your body and hi-jack their pathways.

Cords can travel through your physical, mental or emotional meridians pathways. They can even travel through other pathways besides these three.

What is the experiences of having a cord?

Every cord is different therefore the experience of every cord is different. Some people describe feelings of depression, anxiety, feeling down or low. Sometimes they experience a feeling of unsettled frenetic energy. Some describe feeling drawn to things that they know are bad for them such as sugar, alcohol, drugs, toxic people, toxic relationships, sex, abuse, etc. Some describe having strong judgmental thoughts or unpleasant looping thoughts.

What are the Common experiences of having a cord removed?

After a cord is removed the area where the cord head and roots were will begin to fill in with your own energy again.

Every individual’s experience after a cord removal will be different since no two people, cords or reason for having a cord(s) are the same. That being said the most common things I hear immediately after a cord removal is “things feel odd”.

When their energy has settled a few hours to a few days later I often hear “I feel comfortable in my own skin again” or that they feel more themselves. Often they will say “it’s like I’ve stepped out of a fog” or “a heaviness was lifted”. And that they no longer feel certain negative feelings as intensely or they don’t have as many negative thoughts or they aren’t craving negative things.

These are all examples of different people’s experiences but no two people are alike so your experience will be unique to you. Don’t hold to strongly to these examples.

What are good next steps after a cord removal?

Take the rest of the day off and don’t make major decisions as your energy will not likely be stable. Drink plenty of water. Dead sea salt baths are wonderful.

A week or so after replace the old energy with something new. Do a new fun activity, eat healthy foods, exercise, get good sleep, be with positive people. Continue your healing. Explore other Tai Yi treatments. Do things that support the soul and celebrate that you’ve done some amazing healing by having a cord removed.

For more information on cords read the Tai Yi Treatment Cord Removal.
To Book a Cord Removal Click Here.

How Common are Cords?

Possibly between 30-50% of the population have at least one cord. This percentage varies based on country and region with health, exposure to poor quality food and toxins, and belief systems playing a major factor in how common they are.
Regardless of how common cords can be they can have devastating effects on mental, emotional, and even physical health. Additionally, since cords influence the mental and emotional state of a person they also create negative effects on what choices they make.

Positive Cords (and why You don’t have one)

There are such things as positive cords but they are very very rare and, for the most part, are not even detected by the person who has them. If you sense you have a cord its 99.9999% likely a negative cord because individuals with positive cords often will never even know they have one and if they do it will feel like their own energy being enhanced.

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