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Garden of Life: Blood

This treatment energizes the bodies natural mechanisms to filter the blood and supports the detoxifications of the body.

Works well for the Spleen and Kidneys and benefits the Liver, Blood and Cholesterol (though not necessarily the arterial walls).

Beneficial for those whose internal pressure is off caused by the kidneys. This can assist in balancing the blood pressure when it is related to the Kidneys.


This exercise energizes the spleen. The spleen is made up of two basic types of tissue each with different functions:

  • White Pulp
  • Red Pulp

This treatment energizes the Red Pulp.
The red pulp filters the blood, removing unwanted material. It contains other white cells that ingest microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. And also monitors red blood cells destroying those that are abnormal, too old or damaged to function properly.


The most important function of the kidney is the regulation of the water and ion content of the blood.  After your body has taken what it needs from the food, waste is sent to the blood. If your kidney did not remove these wastes they would build up in the blood and damage your body.

This treatment assists in creating a balance of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) within the kidneys. High GFR rates leads to a loss of nutrients. Low GFR filtration rate leads to a reabsorption of waste.

Other Treatments

Works well after Liver Purge and before Circulating Circulation if done as a multi-part treatment series.

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