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Reveals how you created a false identity even if you don’t remember how it was created. Then assists in revealing your true self.

A false identity arises when an individual goes through a trauma in order to cope.  As a result when one mis-remembers the original trauma they then alter the false identity because the false identity is a based on the trauma. This treatment brings into focus what the original trauma was, how strong it was and helps dissolve the connection between the trauma and the false identity allowing the authentic identity to emerge.

The majority of false identities are created in childhood however ones can also create a false identity in adulthood through setting aside their personality for a corporation, such as in a corporate work environment, or often in the military.

Effects of a False Identity

A false identity can have dramatic long term effects. One must ask who are they in relationship to their identity and personal reality. If their identity is not their authentic soul identity then their reality will not be in totality a reflection of their true self. Therefore in releasing a false identity the relationship they have with their reality will change and they may find themselves not relating to their reality as it has been. Giving an opportunity for them to create a reality based on their authentic self.

An Analogy to Understand False Identities

An analogy for how a false identity works would be one swallowing a capsule that contains a slightly toxic material in it. The capsule is lodged in the body and slowly releases the contents. This would be like the memory, held as a picture, one holds in their brain of a traumatic event. As time goes on the picture is releasing toxic energy from the event programming the body. Now lets say the toxins in the lodged capsule change and become even more harmful to the point where it begins creating an issue somewhere in the body (for example within the joints). The same can happen when the picture of an event is misremembered and becomes more traumatic in the individuals memory. This picture programs the brain which gives signals to the body putting it into misalignment and creating joint pain. As a result an issue with joints can be related to an issue that occurred in childhood and is held in place by the lodged capsule. As both the capsule in this analogy and the pictures within ones brains act similarly.

What this treatment does is dissolve the capsule, resets the toxicity of what was in the capsule to its original form and lets the toxins pass through the body.

Understanding How Our Memory Changes

To understand more about how our memories, and the pictures in our brain of those memories, change check out this video here.

Other Treatments and Timing

If this treatment is integrated deeply is helpful to follow with Becoming the Mirror

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