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Becoming the Mirror

This treatment will assist one to become aware of the potential negative choices they could make and why.

This treatment will assist one to become aware of the opposing polarity of their physical and mental body. Opposing polarity means the opportunity to make a negative choice when you are attempting to make a positive choice.

When one part is opposed it sets the stage for disease. This treatment removes the blocks of energy which have stagnated life energy.

Both False Identity and Becoming the Mirror have many similarities and work well together as treatments. It is recommended to do this treatment following False Identity as they support each other.

Understanding the Opposite Polarity

Reality exists within duality and for every choice towards the positive a choice towards the negative is presented. What is important is that this choice is presented but does not needed to be experienced. This treatment assists ones in becoming aware of what the opposite polarity is to assist them creating healing in their life.

What the Name Means

Becoming the mirror is like looking into a mirror and seeing the opposite part. In this treatment we see the opposite in terms of where the energy is turned around as the opposite polarity.

Recommended Actions for Recipient 

Spend lots of time in nature, if this is not possible simply create space within your environment. Minimize influence and create space temporarily. Working with the mind and the brain and limited thought projections that would create a negative feedback mechanisms. Creating your own space temporarily.

Possible Effects of This Treatment

If in resistance you may experience anger coming up.
If you are in resistance good follow treatments would be Pain of Resistance, Relationship to Pain, History of Pain

If you receive the treatment positively good follow treatments would be Sea Mist, Relationship to Action, Removing the Snake or Ancestor Ritual Pain.

Other Treatments and Timing

This treatment integrates between 3-7 days.
This treatment works well after receiving the treatment False Identity.

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