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Bonding Intelligence (2 Part)

This treatment works with the prefrontal cortex to bring forth an understanding of how lies have affected our ability to bond or not bond to the heart.  When one does not bond with their heart then they bond to a lie held within the brain.

Bonding and Lies

What do you bond unto? What lies have you bonded unto? There is a saying in our culture, “I am who I am because of all the experiences I have experienced.”  Is this positive? How does this affect your life, your relationships, including the most important relationship of all, the relationship with yourself?

When a person say “I am who I am because of the past” How is that empowering the past? How many individuals make these types of choices to continue to empower the past? And therefore stay in the past through repeating the same choices?

If you live in the past are you living those lies in what you are experiencing today in terms of relationships, attitudes and mental and emotional health? And is what you are experiencing today the reoccurrence of my past?

How is your past influencing your choices today? What choices do you have a tendency to make that you regret? What choices do you make that you don’t enjoy that bring up anger, frustration, increase depression, or even create doubts of who you are and what your abilities in this life are?

Lies and Choices

We all have an unlimited amount of choices we can make but for this example let’s say we have a spectrum of choices – from this choice here to this choice here – most people choose to only use a sliver of that spectrum of possible choices they could make.

As example let’s say a person has a 1000 choices available but they only use 10 of those choices. Then they repeat the same results over and over again created from the same choices. Why?

One of the reasons why is the lies we’ve accepted that have been programmed in the prefrontal cortex. That energy leads us to believe there are limited choices available and narrows our focus.

When ones choices are not empowered by lies ones innately know what to do. Another way to see it is for every lie we believe it blocks a certain amount of choices that we perceive are available for us.

What This Treatment Does?

This treatment assists with clarity of what and how something is being navigated. If a person is using only 10% of available choices then a lie was told that to them that was accepted. A lie that could have been taken on from a parents, school teacher, peer, religious figure, etc. Usually lies are believed when told by an authority figure.

Somewhere we have accepted a lie. Once we recognize the lie and that it is a lie – it removes the blinders and allows the ability to see the other 90% of choices available.

Timing and Parts

This is a 2 part treatment that must be done 1 hour to 24 hours apart.

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