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Brain Passion is a clearing treatment as well as a treatment to assist in one creating new patterns. This clears old energy within the meridians. Most people use energized thought perceiving it is passion. Passion is the energy needed to create heat in the meridians.


The Primary energy that stagnates passion form being expressed is the energy of shame. This may be internal restriction or due to negative influence from an external source.

Passion and Emotions

Passion is needed to maintain emotional health and wellbeing. When passion is expressed regularly it will keep the mental body in a healthy state. This means that as energy moves from the emotional body through the mental body the method of transfer will be balanced.

When passion is balanced individuals will not take on toxic thoughts or mental issues from what is in their environment.  It prevents this.

When individuals are taking on negative environmental energy the brain becomes out of balance with their mental energy.

What this Treatment Does

This treatment stimulates a passionate movement of energy in a controlled setting.

​If this energy is accepted, it will have begun a process of clearing the way. This will allow temporary opening in which the individual receiving the treatment can express passion with little involuntary internal interference.


It is recommended that one take action in some aspect of their reality within 5 days of this treatment. Particularly an aspect of their reality which they have the capacity to be passionate about. This is ideal window of time to work with the energy of this treatment. If this energy is put in motion it will reinforce the energy of the treatment.

This treatment creates an opening in which the subconscious and unconscious levels of resistance they carry will be weakened. THIS DOES ALTER THEIR CONSCIOUS RESISTANCE.

If one uses the opening this treatment creates and begins putting their energy in motion, it will be easy to maintain. This treatment starts a process of building momentum.

Potential Negative Impact

If one does not use the energy of passion they will lose the opportunity and it will cause a negative backlash.  This will look like strong repetitive negative thoughts.

This is treatment would not work well on individuals with depression.

Timing after Treatment – 5 Days

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