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This treatment prevents damage to the brain when under large amounts of stress over a long period of time. It also helps protect the brain from harmful toxins from medication, which may affect the brain. As a side benefit it improves memory and communication functions opening the channels of communication from-and-to the brain.

Working on the Cause of the Brain Stressors

However it is important to understand it will not work if the individual just wants to be taken care of in terms of not focusing on the main issue. Therefore working on the core of their stress and/or the cause for why they are taking their medication is important.


This treatment will help with the toxicity from medication when the treatment is done before and during taking the medication. This treatment is not for reversing the effects of medication but preventing issues from them ahead of time.

If this treatment is being used to protect the brain from medications, it is recommended this treatment be done every 35-45 days while the medication is being taken daily.


This is a wonderful treatment for Individuals that experience PTSD and panic attacks as it allows them to buffer the extreme energies that are onset during a heightened stage. When treatment is taking effect it important for them to examine the core of what is causing the issue.

Other Treatments

For one’s who have PTSD doing the Stress of Death treatment after this is helpful as this treatment buffers the acute onset of PTSD stress and the Stress of Death treatment brings into resolvement the core of the PTSD.

Integration Period: 3-5 Days.
Time before another Tai Yi Treatment: 7 days

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