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This treatment balances the Adrenalin and Cortisol reaction within your brain and adrenal glands, assisting the body by returning it to a healthy state in relationship to stress.

This is a very beneficial treatment for anyone living in modern society where there is a constant barrage of stimuli and stressors. It does this by downregulating the brain so that it is not constantly in a low-grade fight or flight state. This means you will begin to experience less negative stress overall.

One of the most common issues in modern society is that people do not have an appropriate stress response but instead have a disproportionate high arrousal response to unimportant things.

Understanding Stress

When your brain believes there is danger, it immediately sends signals down your spine to your adrenal glands commanding them to release the hormone adrenaline. Once released the adrenaline increases the amount of sugar in your blood elevating your heart rate and raising your blood pressure.  Additionally, the hypothalamus also sends signals to your pituitary gland telling it to release cortisol, a stress causing hormone.

The flight or flight response is good for short emergencies, but many use cortisol as a means of getting through each day.  The bottom line is that in this state the body wears down much faster and fatigues more easily. Making them more susceptible to disease and secondary issues.

The long-term effects of stress can be very damaging.  Raising cortisol levels, lowering immune system function, decreasing the number of brain cells, impairing memory (often long-term memory) and prematurely aging the brain. It also increases the bad fats in the blood raising the risk of heart disease and stroke.

However without any cortisol, you would die, but too much you will die. Therefore balancing the stress response in the body is an important element in a healthy life. Having a body that has no stress is not a healthy state but having a body, as many people do, that is over-responsive to stress is also incredibly unhealthy as well.

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