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This treatment assists you with deficiency on a cellular level by encouraging the exchange of fluid and nutrients throughout the body. Just because it is being put in your mouth doesn’t mean it is being absorbed by your body. This treatment assists with that cellular absorption.

This can be a very positive treatment when done in combination with diet and herbs to boost the absorption efficiency on the cellular level. This also assists the bodies ability to absorb energy as a whole.

Examples of deficiencies on cellular level could be not absorbing minerals, vitamins or foods.

Recommended Actions

Pay attention to and work on your intestines. Eat a clean diet avoiding sugars, gmo’s and toxic foods.

Follow Up

If this treatment is receiving positively continue working with the intestines followed by the Blood/Liver and Spleen.

If there is a negative reaction continue working with the intestines.

Other Treatments

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To detox the body for a general detox explore Detox Life or to detox the weakest point in your body explore Zone of Death.

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