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When a relationship dies a part of you dies. Learn which part and how to heal it.

This treatment is specifically for resolving and healing previous intimate and romantic relationships and only works on helping to heal one intimate partner at a time. Therefore when receiving it it is to focus on the relationship you are wanting to resolve. Additionally, this treatment can be done more than once each time focusing on a different previous romantic partner.

The Energy of Relationships: “The 3rd Entity”

Every relationship you are in creates a 3rd entity known as “The Relationship”. This dynamic can be looked at symbolically as a triangle where one corner is Person A, the other corner is Person B and the top corner is “The Relationship”.

In a healthy relationship, both individuals will feed into the 3rd entity and draw on it in a balanced way. Feeding it during good times and often drawing on it when needed (generally during difficult times). Ultimately this 3rd entity offers support to both individuals in the relationship. In addition, the 3rd entity creates a protective energy within the relationship itself creating a defensive barrier to external energies such as jealousy.

Baggage: An Unresolved 3rd Entity

This 3rd entity has the ability to serve and support those in the relationship but, conversely, it can also hold individuals back when the relationship has ended but the 3rd entity has not been released.

If this occurs for either individual that was in the relationship they will bring that energy into their next relationship. This is what is commonly referred to as “baggage”.

Resolving Old Relationships: Releasing the 3rd Entity

Energy does not age, therefore a relationship that occurred 10 days ago or 10 years can have the same amount of baggage. Meaning a person can still carry the unresolved issues and wounds of those old relationships regardless of the amount of time that has passed.

Time does not heal wounds, experience, growth, and actual healing does. Therefore an old relationship left unresolved can affect a person for the rest of their life until they are willing to look at it and heal it. Healing in this context often means learning the lesson the relationship had to teach and growing from it and then moving on.

What Does the Name “Death of a Relationship” Mean?

The word ‘death’ in “Death of Relationships” is symbolic of a point of completion. This treatment is about the ultimate completion or resolvement of an old relationship. Releasing any carryover, residual emotions, thoughts, projections, or issues – allowing the relationship to actually be let go of and for the individual to finally move on.

Death also means learning what there was to learn and not continuing to repeat the same old issues. If there was an issue with trust or communication or any other topic this becomes a place to search what was there to learn and grow from.

If left unresolved old relationship issues will simply carry over into the next relationship and the next one and the next one. Each relationship mirroring the previous – both in issues and often in in similar dynamics.

Examining Old Relationships

This treatment will naturally create a sense of internal awareness about the relationship you are focusing on. Therefore taking time to reflect on that relationship and what worked and didn’t work can greatly assist in the healing process.

“When a relationship dies a part of you dies.” Which part of you dies is determined by which part of you was attracted to the relationship and what you were looking for in the relationship.

Let’s say for example you enter into a relationship and you are looking to be taken care of and the relationship ends and doesn’t end well. That part of you will begin to die. Now that part of you that was seeking to be taken care of could have been the creative part of you. But because of how that relationship ended that part of you will often be stuck. Leading you to feel a lack of creativity and sometimes leading you to continue seeking out future relationships to be taken care of to fill that void of creatively that assist in you being able to take care of yourself.

This treatment will bring the teacher back to life. The part of you that represents growth and expansion through experience. Additaionlly through energy of the internal teacher it will offer healing assistance for me to move beyond that relationship to where that relationship no longer interferes with my current or future relationship.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Receiving This Treatment

Ask yourself from an honest space

  • Is there any left over anger?
  • Do I feel I was a victim in that relatioship?
  • Did I learn from it? There is always a reason why I created the relationship I did. See it as a teacher.
  • Why/How did you end up in that relationship?
  • What did you learn?
  • Are you still sad? Bitter? About what happened.
  • What is left over that is unrsolved?

Healing the Fear of Not Being Loved

This treatment also assists in healing the often hidden fear of not being loved.

Now, what would it feel like if you have this fear and treatment beings healing that fear? The first thing that will come up for most is sadness beginnig to surface and the reason for that is because you may begin to recognize you had this love but you pushed it down and you sealed yourself off from it.

Sadness coming up is a good sign. This does not mean deep levels of depression, but simply sadness, for a short period of time, then relief, and then slowly feeling this energy of love starting to surface.

If you’ve been in multiple relationships and you feel you were never truly loved then maybe it is time that this energy surfaces so you can begin to know that you deserve to be loved.

It might be time to move on and to attract someone who does love you and to begin cherishing that person. When you do find someone who truly loves you fight like hell to keep them. Some think the grass is greener but maybe it’s the septic field that can make the grass green but it’s full of shit.

Other Treatments

Death of Relationships is only for unresolved romantic relationship. A person who has never had a romantic relationship this would not do anything.

Love Obstrution is a treatment to help resolve all old relationships (not just romantic relationships)

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