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How many times do we die subtle deaths before our physical death?  How many parts of your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies have died from some form of trauma, a little piece at a time?

Each major trauma we experience adds to the whole, the more parts that have died have been added to the physical body causing disease, discomfort, and premature physical death.

This treatment brings up the parts that have died to be merged into the whole, healing the pain of subtle death.


If you attempt to receive this treatment in a state of denial or in a state of not wanting to look at certain things in your past it may be a very unpleasant treatment.

If you are not ready to look at everything in your past that is alright but you may not be ready to do this treatment.

Slow Suicide

This treatment assists ones who are creating slow suicide.

Slow suicide is when you are killing yourself a little bit at a time over time. This can be on an emotional, mental or spiritual level – aside from the physical – where you begin giving up on life or you begin undermining your experience of life a little at a time.
This could be described as shutting down slowly. Where you are not dramatically suicidal but suicidal on subtle levels that show up through out your life.

Often people do not think they are suicidal but they subtly sabotage themselves or they subtly tell themselves that they are not worth living or that they are wanting to escape their life.

Another form of slow suicide is giving your power away to another person because on one level you are not wanting your life and so you give it away to someone else. All while dreaming of being somewhere else.

More Information About Suicide

If you would like to explore suicide more in depth on a subtle level or on deeper spiritual levels explores Jonah’s audio here for a free download on the topic.

Description: Jonah talks about the energy of suicide. Are you unconsciously making choices to end your life? Do you understand there is no escape and the pain continues on with you until healed?

Other Treatments

If you are experiencing suicidal tendencies or thoughts you may have a cord attachment – explore the cord removal treatment.
If you experience PTSD symptoms explore the treatment Stress of Death.

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