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Hit the wall, bounce off and do it again; This treatment allows Wisdom to be used to navigate the wall you run into over and over again. It assists ones in making new choices when an issue reoccurs and the same choices are made again.

Life Choices

This treatment has to do with hitting that wall and going back in circles again and again. Somebody may know something is approaching in their life and they do not want to deal with it.  And then when it comes up again they have the same reaction that they had the previous time. They hit the wall, bounce off and go in circles and do it again because they are making the same choices.

Looking at Self

So one has to ask self how often do I do that and in what area do I do it in?
In relationship? Health Issue? Job? What issue do I continue to hit that wall with and repeat the same choices?

Wisdom is learning to make different choices thereby creating a different outcome. But the subconscious response will immediately go back to a choice it made before when the individual hits the same wall.

How These Responses are Developed

The automatic response are fed by the unconscious mind which learns from prior experiences.  How you react to a particular situation becomes an automatic response when done repeatedly over time.

An Example: You are driving a car and to avoid a car crash you react by slamming on the brakes.  A subconscious response occurs because of an element of danger was present. Now that response could have very well saved you from harm or just the opposite it could have made the accident worse. Not all automatic subconscious responses are positive but they all do develop for a reason.

These responses are developed through learning therefore a person who has never driven a car will not automatically respond with slamming on the brakes. It is a learned behavior.

In this example It is about having the car in control when using it and developing a response over many times when there is an element of danger present. Much like slamming on the brakes automatic responses often occur when specific issues or situations are present.

Additionally, it is not a one time choice.  Every automatic response was learned by repeating an experience over and over and over again.

Knowing the subconscious and Intuition

When I know my subconscious then these unconscious responses will be in greater clarity. This will also bring greater clarity into knowing and feeling what my intuitive is vs what my automatic response are.

​Wayne Dyer explains it best here:

Parts and Timing

2 Part Treatment – 2 Hrs to 2 Days between treatments.
​If well received it is better to be closer to 2 hours, if not then does not matter.  If eating between treatments consume a light meal.

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