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This treatment creates a clearing and balancing energy throughout the meridian system of all the bodies allowing energy to flow freely through the meridians.

This treatment should be done with the treatment Dis-Eased Gates after for the deepest results.

What are Meridians?

They are channels of energy throughout the different bodies. Similar to the arteries and veins of the physical body. These channels are known as meridians (or also nanis in Indian Ayurvedic or strings in string theory) deliver energy to different parts of your body and bodies.

These channels of energy for the physical body are well described and documented in traditional chines medicine and acupuncture.

This treatment is analogous to putting a stent into a diseased artery. A stint is a small metal mesh that expands the artery walls allowing blood to flow freely again. (Except in this treatment we don’t leave any stent in your body but instead release all the blockages in the meridians)

Diseased meridians are a product of abuse and self abuse. Whatever level or form of abuse it has been whatever it is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

Meridians and gates are the fundamental structure of the energetic systems and work together to regulate the flow of energy and chi to the different cells, organs and glands of the physical body as well as the different aspects of the mental, emotional, spiritual, astral and etheric bodies.

When meridians are often dis-eased it leads to issues within regulators the meridians. This leads to issues to gates of the meridians.

What are Gates?

If meridians were the highways and roads of a big city then gates would be the stop lights, stop signs and round-a-bouts (they are actually the most similar to round-a-bouts because of their rotating design). Gates are the regulators of the meridians system. However unlike stop signs they can increase as well as decrease the speed and rate of flow within the meridians and the meridians systems.

The treatment Dis-Eased meridians should be followed by the treatment Dis-Eased Gates. Because after working on energy pathways – like the streets of a city – you also want to clear up the intersections.

Who Would Benefit?

You would benefit from this treatment if several of your organs or glands have issues. Such as an issue with the liver, the kidneys and the brain as an example. This would be beneficial to begin balancing and working with each of those organs as it allows chi to properly flow into each of them.

This is also beneficial if you have several mental or emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, etc at the same time.

The reason why is because meridians travel throughout your body and bodies – between every organ and gland as well as between different bodies such as the mental and emotional bodies. This treatment is akin to healing all of the veins and arteries in your physical body which in term assists the flow of blood to every where in your body. Therefore this treatment will directly and indirectly assist all of the parts of your body and bodies.

This clears stagnation in all of the meridians of all of the bodies clearing stagnation within the emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric and astral body. This is a supportive treatment on all levels.

This could also be beneficial after a cord removal. But not to repair where the was, the cord removal treatment does that, but to assist the meridians to be more in balance.

Other Treatments

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Each of these treatment can be done alone or with each other.
But work well in this order.

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