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This treatment works to cleanse the blood from foreign materials and impurities and assist in healing issues with dis-ease in the blood.

Since like energy attracts like energy cleansing the blood of foreign materials and impurities assists in preventing attracting those materials and impurities back into the blood again.

This treatment detoxes the body of nano-particles and quantum dots. Similar to the detox recipe given at the Jonah intensive – Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2020).

Additional Benefits

  • Can assist with lead poisoning that occurred in the past (however if it is still ongoing it won’t do much)
  • Can assist with radiation exposure but again not with ongoing exposure.
  • Would benefit ones who have had leukemia.

Working with the Toxicity of 5G

Dis-eased Blood when used in combination with Dis-eased Immunity assists in healing and preventing damage from the frequencies of 4G and 5G technology. However doing them together works only on the effect of 4G and 5G frequencies and does not detox the effects of nano particles and quantum dots. To do that dis-eased blood must be done alone.

Treatment Timing of Dis-Eased Blood & Dis-Eased Immunity Together

These two should be done no sooner than 3 hours apart and no later than 3 days. The most ideal timing is on the same day

If the treatments are absorbed well and there is minimal ongoing exposure to 5G then this treatment combo needs to be done only once. For individuals with constant exposure to 5G do these two treatment every 2-3 months. If you live with 5G equipment in the house then do these treatments once a month. But it would be more ideal to simply avoid the 5G equipment all together. All of these factors also depend on the immune system and proximity to 5G towers and 5G cell phones.

Individuals may enjoy taking a sea salt bath after receiving both treatments to assist with the detox.

Simple Preventative Measures for 5G

Don’t sleep with your phone next to your head. It is best to sleep your phone outside of your room.
Avoid buying 5G technology and putting it in your house.
As 5G towers expands it is best to be aware of where 5G towers are placed and to avoid living next to them.

Other Treatments

Garden of Life: Blood is a blood cleansing treatment. Dis-eased blood is about repairing and cleansing the blood.

Radiant Death is a treatment that works specifically on radiation exposure for the whole body. Dis-Eased blood can work with radiation specific to the blood but is not meant radiation as a whole.

These two treatment, when done together, are stronger together than Purging the false brain.

This is part of the Gallery of Dis-Ease treatments.
Each of these treatment can be done alone or with each other.
But work well in this order.

  1. Dis-Eased Blood
  2. Dis-Eased Ancestors
  3. Dis-Eased Meridians
  4. Dis-Eased Gates
  5. Dis-Eased Reproductive Organs
  6. Dis-Eased Immunity
  7. Dis-Eased Aspects
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