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Radiant Death

This treatment works to detox and build resistance to radiation.

For small amounts of exposure this radiation detox treatment is beneficial to have done once. For more long term, or severe exposure, it is beneficial to have done 4x times. Once per week for 4 weeks.

Radiation Exposure

Common examples of radiation exposure are radiation from the sun, solar storms, flying in airplanes often and X-rays. Additionally sea food and fish oils from the Pacific Ocean since the Fukishima nuclear meltdown in 2011. As well swimming often in the Pacific ocean for the same reason.

This treatment helps to detox radiation whether it is from the sun or from food that is consumed and for some medical exposure.

Japan’s Fukishima Reactor Radiation

Exposure to radiation is much greater to those exposed to the water currents of the fukishima nuclear reactor. Since the tsunami in 2011 the reactors core has continuously leaked nuclear material into the pacific ocean. Although this information has not been widely publicized. Therefore ones on the west coast of the US are often at higher exposure to nuclear radiation.

Food with Radiation

Sea food from the pacific ocean exposed to the Fukishima meltdown contain high levels of radiation. Therefore consuming sea food sourced from the pacific such as king crab or omega fish oils can also cause exposure to radiation. As a whole it is important to source seafood from other areas to avoid the radiation.


This treatment is helpful for those exposed to high levels of radiation such as medical imaging devices such as X-rays or isotope dies.


This treatment assists with the radiation from Chemo Therapy but is not a treatment specifically for chemotherapy.

Who this treatment is good for

This treatment would be helpful for pilots or people who air travel a lot (because of direct sun exposure), medical technicians who work with radiative machinery or material, people that have received radioactive medical treatments (such as X-Ray, dies or chemotherapy to a degree), people who live on the west cost near the ocean, people that eat lots of Pacific sea food or people that sun bath a lot.

Other Treatments

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If doing this treatment for maintenance, such as for food, some Xray exposure or for flying every so often, do once.
If working with more long term or intense exposure do once per week for 4 weeks.

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