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Quarter Moon Tea

A treatment that builds ​the energy of the emotional body to create emotional stability before or after emotionally draining or taxing events. A good treatment for when you know you’ll be going through difficult situations soon.

Do you feel like a dog about to go to the vet?  If you are about to go into an event that is emotionally taxing such as a funeral, a court date, a big family gathering, final exams, etc this treatment can assist in creating a smooth stable emotional experience.

This treatment will make you feel much lighter and will ‘take the edge off’ making conscious decisions easier for normally stressful or emotional events.

This is also a wonderful treatment for children. Especially children going through events that may be difficult for them such as a divorce, a nervous first day at school, etc.

Difficulties With Self

Quarter Moon Tea works well when working with grief or self-punishment when you feel like you did “something stupid” or you feel you “did something wrong” because it creates emotional stability so you don’t feel drawn into those tendencies.


Best within a month before or after the event although most would probably want it before.

This treatment works well after a time flux.

Timing With Moon (Optional)

Works extremely well on a quarter moon but doesn’t have to be.  If before an event it works well when the moon is growing. If after an event do when the moon is waning.

Other Treatments

Quarter Moon Tea works well when followed by Hollow Heart.
Quarter Moon Tea is for clearing and energizing the emotions. To clear stagnant energy and feel calm in the moment explore Sea wave.
For someone who is normally unstable mentally when going through tough times, meaning they over think or think negatively, explore Wind of Transformation.
For an alternative to 1/4 Moon Tea explore Wind of Change which is also for stabilizing the emotions through difficult times.

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