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Prime Minister (Lungs) Cleanse

This treatment cleanses the lungs specifically the lower lobes of the lungs.

This treatment pushes energy from the lower lobes of the lungs into the physical meridians to create a cleansing.

Effects of the Treatment

Initially this treatment will agitate your lungs but after the cleansing period you will breath more efficiently. It will also help your body’s natural ability to remove toxins from the lower lobes of the lungs. If you have an excess build up in your lower lungs you may be coughing for a day or two after.

This also helps with getting better sleep as the body is able to breathe better during sleep. Additionally it helps to build chi in the lungs.

Who Would Benefit

This is a good treatment if you live in a city, for ones with weak lungs and for people who are addicted to shallow breathing.

This treatment would help if you have emphysema or COPD or a history of lung problems.

Shallow Breathing

Shallow breathing has a many effects on the body. When your lungs are not breathing deep enough you will have a tendency to stay in a higher brain wave, such as beta or high beta, more often. Because of this you will tend to not feel as deeply and be more analytical. Your body will also tend to not rejuvenate as much during sleep and because it is not receiving sufficient oxygen continuously will have a tendency towards a higher pH, and be more acidic, which makes it more susceptible to disease.

Many become addicted to shallow breathing from fear and stress and a desire to not feel. Breathing is also a pathway to experience different levels of consciousness. It is also literally and symbolically a place of exchange of old chi and new chi, old energy and new energy.

The lungs are the organ which houses the emotion of grief in the body therefore ones with unresolved grief issues can often be susceptible to lung issues.

Who Would Not Benefit

This is not a helpful treatment when someone’s lungs are inflamed as it would add more stress on the organ. Once the lungs are no longer inflamed this treatment would be fine to do.

Other Treatments

This is a lung cleansing treatment for a lung building treatment explore Restoration of the Delicate Organ.

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