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This treatment assists in relieving anxiety, grief and guilt in the emotional body and is for ones who take emotional responsibility for the choices and reality of their family members and/or friends and therefore take on the pain of family and/or friends. This is very destructive to the physical and emotional heart.

The Mental and Emotional Bodies

In a healthy individual the mental and emotional bodies balance each other out. Meaning in an environment that is emotionally damaging the mental body helps to balance the emotions and vice versa. They work to counter balance and protect one another.

The treatment focuses on balancing the emotional body.

Intent of taking on others’ energy

If the underlying intent is clear but the choices being made are not clear this is the correct exercise. Meaning the individuals wants to help but they have been programmed to take on the burden of others.

This treatment is intended for individuals whose underlying energy is love but that underlying energy of love is being misused and abused by the person’s own self.

Love vs Manipulation

It is important to differentiate between love and manipulative intent. The simplest distinction is looking at ones attachment to the desired outcome. Is it predefined or is it for the general good and wellbeing of the family member/friend?

Manipulative intent is trying to force one in a direction contrary to their own being and has more to do with the individual then who they are attempting to help.  The exception is when the relationship is naturally unbalanced such as with a small child.

This treatment will not work on anyone with a manipulative intent.


It is good to feel and relate but there is a need to have clear distinction between mine and theirs.  Relating is different than going into the other person’s trauma.

Ask yourself the question: Did I feel as if I was that person? Did I take on that experience and emotion as if it happened to me? Did I relate as if the trauma was mine?

If yes then this treatment would be beneficial.

Individuals who would Benefit

Good for children of alcoholics that feel everyone else’s feelings and do not recognize their own.  Good for worried mom’s especially if they children are making ‘poor choices’.

This can also be helpful for ones who have a desire to vicarious live through others such as mothers with daughter’s friends.

Other Treatments

If Heart Tension is absorbed well and creates movement then Mind Power will greatly assist in sustaining and continuing that movement.

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