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Healing the Bastard

Healing the Bastard is for one who has experienced physical, mental, emotional, mental or spiritual rejection from there family or tribe.

This is a wonderful treatment for ones who feel rejected from their family and/or feel unconnected to the family or a burden to them or they didn’t quite fit as a black sheep. Wonderful for ones who felt unsupported in their sexuality: homosexual or bisexual.

This is also for ones who from an unwanted or “bastard” birth. This could be ones born outside of marriage when the family cares about that or born from an affair or to a degree those who were adopted and internalize this feeling (though not necessarily for all adopted children).

The Results of Rejection

Often individuals who experience emotional rejection develop self esteem issues. This can lead to one developing deep levels of anger, depression, and anxiety.

Often this leads one to begin to overcompensate when building future relationships. They will often not protect their own energy due to their desire to be accepted and loved.

Often this will develop a deep desire in ones to feel as though they are important to others, to seek approval and recognition. This can lead to them taking on the energy, thoughts, and problems from those they seek to bond with.

The Feeling/Experience of Bastard Energy

One that carries this “bastard trauma” will have a great sensitivity to rejection. They will carry rejection emotionally while mentally they push away assistance and deny bonding with themselves.

As one attempts to earn emotional support externally, they feed this trauma. This process creates stress and worry in the mind. If they stop giving, they may re-experience rejection.

Simply put one with a bastard trauma will often be held hostage by their own fear of rejection.

A bastard trauma is often a very deep cycling emotion. This deep cycling emotion is not limited to this lifetime.

Trauma is very hard to work with when one who is a bastard develops a loyalty with those who had rejected them. If they are willing to work through this but it can often be uncomfortable and they can’t really be reached until ready.

Recommended Action for Recipient

Do not feed their rejection issue, begin allowing yourself to disconnect from how you abuse yourself by not setting boundaries with people

If they are one who has developed deep levels of anger recommend doing 8th Level of Fearful Anger, Anxiety of Anger or Anger Seed prior to Healing the Bastard. This greatly increases the possibility of successful integraiton.

Possible Negative Effects from Treatments

A deep sadness can emerge as one releases one releases the trauma from rejection. This is not necessarily a bad sign.

If this treatment is interfered with mentally, one will rapidly become angry, depressed and anxious. Anger is the most common way the treatment is suppressed

Timing and Other Treatments

The main effect of the treatments take 3-5 days to occur.
No Massage, acupuncture, etc for 5 days after.

Positive Reaction Follow Up:
Power Memory Series, Ancestor Ritual Pain, Repowering the Core, Power to Be One

Negative Reaction Follow Up:
Group Mind Programming, Removing the Snake, Sound of Punishment, Brain Deception, Underworld

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