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What if death was a continuation of life? What if it was a renewal process and a natural cycle for physical beings? The same as the transition into winter each year where the growth of the previous years contributes to the development of the next years.

What if heaven and hell were greatly misunderstood? What if they were not geographically locations but states of mind? And they had nothing to do with whether or nor you possessed a physical body but instead the state you place your mind and your state of consciousness throughout your physical and non-physical life.

What if the soul is on a journey of growth and it came onto different stages, different seasons, different perspectives, different levels of consciousness. Each contributing to the experience of the whole but also each allowing ones to see beyond a reality that was illusionary.

Death a process of life. Life a process of death. The change of the seasons, the change of the tide of water in the ocean, the change of the orbit of the earth around the sun. Each in a state of transition that is natural to its own form.

How valuable is it to know what happens after death? How valuable would it be to know that your life is a continuation even after you no longer carry this physical form, after you no longer wear these clothes around your soul the same as you when you awake each day and wear the clothes for that day. So you wear a form for a lifetime.

If life was temporary could you be victim of it? If life was eternal would you not be responsible for the journey you were on? In fact what if life was not only eternal but you chose this life? You chose this body. You chose this journey, these people you call your parents, these people that you meet along the way. Much like actors upon a stage. What if the most enlightened part of yourself knew that this life, not any other life but this life, would allow for the greatest amount of growth. What if it knew that it would allow for the greatest challenges and development for you to begin seeing beyond the illusion of your reality? But what is an illusion? Is an illusion simply not seeing the whole picture? Does this journey allow for you to see the whole picture? Do you allow that depth of learning?

What if you made choices before this life of coming into this life? And what choices will you make coming out of this life? And what if choices never ended? How much would that make you responsible for all of your life? Not responsible as a burden but responsible as an opportunity for growth even in the face of resistance even in the face of cycles and transitions. Responsible for actually enjoying the journey you were on.

What if on this journey there would be ones that would attempt to deceive you? There would be ones that would attempt to tell you non-truths about your reality, about your journey? One non-truth would be about death. One non-truth would be about after death, about heaven and hell. About how something else or someone else, depending on the belief system, has greater control over your journey than you do. That they have the ability to punish or reward you for your choices forever. Certainly this would make for a great mechanism for control, for it has already controlled many, but is it truth? Or is it a non-truth of deception based on the desire for control? Something to ponder on your journey.

What if life was eternal? What if life was never ending, ongoing, evolving, devolving, learning, forgetting. Where does that place you? Where does that place the importance of a quality life? Because whether or not you have quality rest assured you will always have life regardless of what physical form you carry on your journey.

Transitions. Life is full of transitions. Life is full of tests to see where you are, to see where you are going. Is death a test? Is death a transition into another part of learning, or growing, of coming to know self in a different reality? One could ask what do you leave behind in death? Could it be you leave nothing but the physical and truly the issues you have you take with you. Even the issues that may have caused your physical death. Will you bring that into the next life? Something to ponder.

When ones transition in school from one grade to the next do they take the learning with them? If not how can they move up in learning. If you didn’t learn the first time certainly you will have many opportunities, many lifetimes, to relearn what you missed. And sometimes that can be painful but sometimes it can be powerful. For pain is never a requirement for growth and growth through resistance can be a powerful way to honor self.

What about quality. What is a quality life? Is a quality life repeating the same mistakes each day, week, month, year, lifetime, not learning, not growing, not evolving? Is quality about growth? If a squirrel wants to live a quality life does it not need to work with its environment? Does it not need to store food for the winter? Does a human not need to work and learn from its environment, from its experiences? Each cycle of the season is a great opportunity to learn. The squirrel finds the best nuts to store and the best places to put them. Is that not true for every cycle? Every day, week, year, lifetime is an opportunity to learn and grow and evolve.

One could also ask if I wanted to know these other lifetimes, these other parts of self how would I do that? Could it be if you wanted to see another lifetime all you need do is look in a mirror? All that you would need to do is observe how you relate to others, how you relate to your childhood, how you relate to yourself. Each life time becomes a mirror of another lifetime – much like looking into a prism and seeing the spectrum of colors it gives off. Each color coming from one source reflecting in many different places but still only coming from one source.

If you wanted to speak to another lifetime all you need do is talk to yourself. Take an inward journey and allow your mind to relax. Relax to the point that it loosens its grip on the illusion for a little while, where it relaxes the veil between experiences, between realities, between lifetimes. And then ask yourself what if they are here right now? What if I can learn from this part of myself here right now? What can I learn and grow with? Often other lifetimes have expressions of learning that you can use and grow with but never forget that they are you here and now.

Remember if you speak with other lifetimes you must still focus on this lifetime and not attempt to escape it for this is the only life you have is now. This is the only place where your consciousness is rooted is now. And this is the place for your greatest learning and growth. A journey of a thousand miles always takes place with each step.

You are on a journey of lives. What will you take with you between lifetimes? Will it have been growth, learning, evolving? Will it have been the joy of learning new things? Perhaps new languages, new expressions of music, new cultures. Or will you simply repeat the last lifetime?

Life and death the process of lifetimes, the process of seasons, of night and day, of growth of the human soul. Do not miss an opportunity to grow, do not miss an opportunity during the transition of cycles to become aware of the opportunities available to you. For death is inevitable but life takes work.

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