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Playing with the Hologram of Your Life

What if you were in a hologram? And the reason you didn’t realize you were in a hologram was because you are a hologram. Not in totality but an aspect, a part of you is the hologram. The very nature you occupy was actually something that you created as a vehicle within the reality of your choosing or put another way a reality of your choices.

In video games we often see characters that are built into the framework of the game. And as we control them we don’t necessarily notice the consequence of the game to us directly but inadvertently through our avatar’s experience. Now the effect may not seem direct to us but it is to the character we are playing since that character is within the framework of the game – therefore it is very consequential to our character.

Now let’s take this one step further: we go from a game that is played by a controller to a game that we put a device on our eyes and in our ears and become more immersed into the experience. We begin to relate to this character as even more real than before when we were just playing by a controller. Now every time we interact in the game we sense that something is happening – when something comes towards us we instinctually attempt to dodge it or interact with it. We become more invested in the interactions because this interaction has become more real. The reality is more immediate and inescapable.

Now let’s say we even begin to connect this device to our skin and our sense of smell, even perhaps taste. We become immersed even one step further. Before we saw the light of the game reach our eyes from the screen, now the effect of the light of these images reaches all of our senses and this holographic nature becomes immersed in our senses.

Now when we interact with the game, and the avatar we are playing through, we become immediately associated with this character. It is our primary vehicle and the primary access into this reality we are interacting with. Our thoughts become immediate to the surroundings we see. Our emotions becomes so attached to what we see, feel, hear is there.

What if over time we began to forget our original body and began to so clearly believe this avatar body was the real body. What if our original body was sitting in a chamber sustained and kept in homeostasis.

Now one might ask but how could a body be sustained for the entire life of a person? Perhaps a more interesting question is what if the time input into your original body was only a day while the experience of your senses and mind interpreted it as a week, a year, a lifetime, or perhaps even lifetimes? Perhaps you got caught up in this new time?

What if you began disassociating so much into the game that was not real you began to forget what was really real? What if you began buying into the drama of the game? The absurdities of this programmed reality? What if you began forgetting that you forgot?

How would you get back?

Every game has its clues. Every pathway leaves a trail to follow back to its source. The game repeats until a new goal is achieved. (Perhaps that is why video games are so addicting is because they are a reflection of the core qualities of reality?).

What if you’ve played this game before and lost? What if you left yourself clues when the game started again and you began going down a new road. Each time nudged into a direction that is in more alignment with your core self, your core reality that awakens you back to your core time, core place – the true originating place of your body?

But the game became so real you had to make choices about what you were invested in. Do you want to stay and play and learn? Or would you like to return home? Is playing and learning the inherent quality of the game and the method to return? Is the deviation that perpetuates the game found in distracting from the core learning? The core intent? Do you get sidetracked?

Truly there is an unlimited amount of time in the game. Now you might ask what if I die? Then you have the opportunity to keep playing within the framework of the game just in a different method. Maybe you restart your character, maybe you choose a different character to learn and play with.

Within this reality, this illusionary reality, there is much to do, much to learn but the road from the illusion does not include all of these things. It includes what is in alignment back to the source of these things. Now does this include working in a job one hates? Does it include suppressing oneself and what they feel they truly want? Or does this include expressing passion? Expressing purpose? Is a deep sense of a joy a guide post along your way?

What if you awoke from the game reality and you didn’t know you awoke? What if you were in the game reality and you were already awake? Your consciousness was fully awake but none of the characters in the game made any sense? Because maybe, just maybe, you were playing the wrong game? Maybe the game you realized was not real – and you tried to tell other people and they didn’t believe you, they didn’t understand you, they gave you drugs to fix you, they gave you poor grades in a misguided attempt to get you ‘to learn’ how things really are? (How they really are? But how are things really?)

Internally you feel that awoken originally place, that original body, but externally there was no reflection of that. You were lost with others who were lost. And you began to question what is real here? What am I being told? There is something amiss here. I remember something but I don’t quite know what it is.

You begin having dreams, you begin having deep internal feelings that say do this. But you don’t understand that ‘the this’ is the guide post home, to your home reality. Your home where you belong.

Now perhaps you begin to try to improvise. You think I know it is there I will simply escape to it. I will consume drugs to escape into this original reality. I will simply wait until I am there. I will be inactive because I know the truth? What is the truth here? Is it important to play the game? Is it actually necessary to play the game? But the question truly becomes what game are you playing? What game are you playing with yourself? Are you playing the game that leads you on a journey back to you original reality? Or are you playing a game that leads you further into despair that there is no way back home?

Truly there are many methods to deeper parts of the game and many methods to playing the same game over and over and over again. It is your choice. It is literally and completely your choice and the choices you choose.

Look for the guide posts. Look for those deep internal guide posts and it will lead you home.

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