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Link of Destruction (3 Part)

A Link is similar to a microchip that is connects in the Cerebellum and moves into the temporal lobe.  It act like a receiver and transmits thoughts into the individual.

Often individuals will think it is their own voice when in fact it is the communication of another individual in their mind.  The question becomes is it your voice speaking inside your head?  Many cannot always tell the difference.

Prevalence of Links

At one time Links were very rare however as the diet of many cultures has become worse due to GMO foods and pesticides because of this the cerebellum has become more susceptible.

Around the world nearly 33% of individuals have Links.  In the US it is more around 50%.

Often Link’s can cause individuals to unconsciously itch their head in that area.

More Information

For more information see Hossca’s article on Link of Destructions.  This article goes into greater detail about the different aspects and questions about links.

Parts & Timing

3 parts -1 to 36 days apart – Best to keep spacing the same though this is not a requirement it will greatly assist in removing the the Link.

Optimal Time apart: The sooner the better

To do this treatment schedule 3 sessions

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