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Liver Purge

This treatment Purges and Detoxifies the Liver of Toxins both Physically and Energetically and Helps to Stop Attracting Further Toxins in the Liver.

The Effects of This Treatment

Like energy attracts like energy therefore toxic energy in the liver will accumulate more toxic energy in the liver. This Treatment is as if a magnet has been removed from the Liver.  The material that was attracted to the old toxic energy is no longer held in place and is purged from the body. The Liver is then no longer a suitable environment for the old toxins/energy and are purged/released.​

Who could use this treatment?

95% of the population could use this treatment.  For individuals with digestive issues detoxing the liver is a great place to start since a healthy liver is a healthy body.

This treatment is also for anyone who is looking to detox the liver as a whole. It is also a great place to start for working on the physical aspect of anger as the liver houses the emotion of anger in the physical body.

How this Treatment Works

The liver is made of basic building blocks know as Liver Lobules. Each lobule is broken down into several zones. Liver Purge works on Zone 1 of the Liver which often holds the greatest amount of toxins.
For information about this, and the Liver as a whole, watch this video:

How Liver Purge creates a liver detox is by energizing both the liver and gallbladder which then puts both of the organs in conflict with each other creating a purging effect within the liver.

When the liver begins purging a detox will start happening in the route of least resistance. The route of least resistance could be through the stool, the urine or in very rare instances through vomiting. Although that is generally only in very toxic livers and if the stronger version of the treatment is being done.


For a gentle release this treatment is generally best done several times over a period of time.
This treatment can also be done more strongly in one setting and can create a more intense rapid detox. Although this is not always better as a smoother more gentle detox is generally more beneficial and in balance with the body.


​Not recommended for women Pregnant or Breast Feeding ​

Other Treatment

Liver Purge is a liver detox treatment.
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