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This treatment seals off artificial pathways which then seals off emotional abuse by myself, individuals, group, governments, religions.

This treatment assists in first healing emotional abuse from yourself which then begin sealing off external abuse. This is because no one can abuse you if you do not abuse yourself.

This treatment helps to support the emotional immune system by helping to heal artificial pathways that create artificial pain.

Artificial Pathways and Artificial Pain

If certain blood vessel becomes blocked the blood will work its way around that blockage and go down different veins. But this can lead to more destruction in the body because the pathways can’t always handle that amount of blood for long periods of time.

If I have established myself as an individual that accepts emotional abuse from any ever, but specifically from myself, then I have established artificial pathways. An artificial pathway establishes artificial meridians which create artificial pain meaning it creates a referred pain.

Referred pain is a pain that is caused in one area but shows up in another area. An example of this is feeling pain in the leg from the nerves being blocked in the lower spine. The problem is not where the pain is but instead the problem is where the cause of the pain is. Specifically that being from the artificial meridian.

Artificial pathways that show up as artificial meridians are like an exposed nerve. Since it is not a naturally occurring meridian pathway it is not insulated or protected just like an exposed nerve and as such creates pain which can feel like it is coming from somewhere else.

How This Treatment Works

This treatment works on all of the lower bodies except the physical. But it first works on the emotional body and expands and grows in healing energy from there if you allow it. Therefore if you receive this you have to begin allowing the healing to occur and letting go of the artificial pathways.

What Ones Will Feel

Individuals after this treatment may feel found. As though they were lost before. Ones also may feel an a-ha and realizations of yourself as well as a feeling of relief.

A Question to Ponder

Can an individual be emotionally abused if they do not abuse themselves?

Abuse requires a differential of power. If I abuse myself I am disempowering myself. If am allowing someone else to abuse me then I had to have disempowered myself internally before I could experience and allow it externally.

One can say there were abused as a child. Does that give you the right to abuse someone else? It does not.
Now include myself in that category of someone else. Does that give me the right to abuse myself? No it does not.

Take time to meditate on this statement: do I have the right to abuse myself?

Certainly you have the free will choice to abuse yourself but do you have the right? Does self abuse contribute to abusing your aspects? Does it contribute to abusing all the parts of yourself? All of your body, mind and emotions? Does self abuse contribute to abusing those around you? But you are someone around you who you interact with constantly.

Do you have the right to abuse yourself? As you explore this question and come to discover that you do not have the right then you begin to discover an opening of your heart pathway.

Does someone have the right to abuse a child? Does someone have the right to abuse you as a child? Do you have the right to abuse you as a child? That which was, is, until understood and healed. Do you have the right to abuse yourself?

Is there abuse in the world? Yes.
Does there have to be abuse within yourself? That is up to you. But if you decide you do not have the right to abuse yourself then you will begin making new choices that allow for healing and joy.

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