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A treatment for children to assist them with their own inner knowingness and to release the energy they have taken on from others. A treatment for children 13 and under.

What this treatment does

This treatment is not for assisting the inner child but rather for assisting a child’s spirit of light meaning their inner light, their inner intuition, creativity, self empowerment and their own higher mind.

This assists because many children have been programmed out of the child’s spirit of light. Many children attempt to grow up and becomes adults and grow up as quickly as possible. This often suppresses the child.

This helps the child to release when they take on others issues or give themselves away for acceptance. This also helps the child feel a deeper sense of purpose.

Children Who Would Benefit From this Treatment

This would benefit children who have depression or anger or who are taking on the issues of others or who are follow peers that don’t have their best interest at heart.

Some Examples:

  • Children of divorced parent who have internalized the anger of the divorce. This would greatly assist in helping to resolve the anger they have taken on.
  • Children going to their first day of school and have a deep desire to be accepted. To the point that they give away their own power. This treatment will help them feel their own empowerment.
  • Children who have been abused.
  • Children who feel disconnected from their friends.

Doing this Treatment More Than Once

If the child returns back into the same issues such as a bad group of peers or a harsh home environment this treatment can be done more than once. Each time it will help a little more.

If done more than once it is best at around 3-4 weeks apart. Each time it is done the issues will become a little less.

For the child the treatment will feel like a burden being released.


This is a stand alone treatment but can be done more than once to deepen the effects and to help children transition into holding their own inner light.
If done more than once ideally do this treatment 3-4 weeks apart.

Other Treatments

This treatment is wonderful for children as a whole.
Sometimes cord removals can be necessary before this if the child has a cord.

This is one of the several treatments that support the energy of sacred psychology.
These are other treatments that do as well:

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