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A treatment specifically to help children heal by helping them release the energy they have taken on that is not appropriate for their development. Such as anger from those around them, depression, fear, anxieties or wanting to grow up faster than normal.

This treatment is for children under the age of 12 and is not for adults. There is no minimum age limit.

What this Treatment Does

This Helps children who have taken on energy that wasn’t theirs.

Children are very intuitive and will often pick up on what is going on around them. While at the same time they often lack discernment and aren’t able to filter the surroundings they often internalize issues.

The Name of this treatment

In ancient Chinese the word Child refers to the Spirit of Light. Therefore this treatment means the spirit of light within a child. The spirit of light is another way describe a child’s creativity, intuition, self empowerment, and/or the energy of their higher mind.

Child in this description is not referring to the inner child.

Children Growing Up to Fast

Many children have been programmed out of being a child. Often children have been taught how to become an adult very rapidly especially within our modern society with such prevalent access to the internet and phones. And the child part of growing up becomes suppressed.

This treatment assists these children (although it is not just for these children).

This treatment Works Well For Children

  • Who have depression whether from an abuse or not.
  • Who have a lot of internal angry.
  • That are being very defiant.
  • Who need help with self empowerment and self esteem.

Situations This Would Helpful For

  • Divorced parents and the child internalizes the anger. This treatment would be great for them to resolve that energy that they have absorbed.
  • When a child first goes to school and they are willing to give their power away to be accepted and they want to obey peers. This helps them to feel their own empowerment.
  • Will assist children who are not spending time with their playmates and maybe too plugged into technology. From this example do once every 3-4 weeks
  • Can be helpful to do on children before showing symptoms. Before a divorce, before school starts, etc. Before major events that might effect them negatively.
  • This treatment does not help with bullying but helps with the effects of bullying.


Child within Child is only for children. Roughly only for those under 12 or 13.
If an issues has developed past puberty other more specific treatments will more appropriate.

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